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what is nade and how is it used

3 years ago



It is possibly the imperative Usted conjugation for swim - nadar.

!Nade, ahora! (You) Swim, now!

3 years ago

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But in spanish We don't use that all the time. That's more "informal".Generally we use "Nada". Or if you did mean "Nadé" with "tilde" so it's "swam" :3

3 years ago


Or the subjunctive of the third person singular: Se va a ahogar, al menos que nade. (He will drown, unless he swims)

3 years ago


Anyone who has studied Spanish is aware of the troublesome relationship between the pretérito and imperfecto. The imperfecto (yo hablaba) translates to the English imperfect (I was talking) while the pretérito (yo hablé) literally translates to the English simple past (I talked) but can also be translated as the English present perfect (I have talked) or the emphatic past (I did talk).

This is one example that I found on internet ... Actually is also for me explain you (my language native is the Spanish). the pretérito verb is something like the past like the previous example. Yo nado = I swim Yo he nadado = I have swum yo había nadado = I had swum

yo nade = I had swum/I have swum

3 years ago