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  5. "We live on the same avenue."

"We live on the same avenue."

Translation:Vi bor på den samme boulevard.

December 4, 2014



"Avenue" translates to "boulevard"? I wouldn't call myself an expert in that area but I think of a boulevard as a street with multiple lanes and an avenue as a 2 lane one... and "boulevard" is already a word in English which makes it even more confusing


In English, an avenue is a street lined with trees, whereas a boulevard is a street lined with bushes, flowers or trees. So all avenues are boulevards but not all boulevards are avenues. I don't know if Danish makes that distinction.


I have never heard either of these explanations before but I can tell you the avenues in New York could really use some trees...


is there a reason why bor works better than lever here?


I think the Danish people make a difference between living in a place (bor) and general existing (lever).


Why didn't sammen work?

[deactivated user]

    Because 'sammen' means 'together'.


    I still can't seem to determine when to use på, and when to use i


    An English speaker would probably never say that 'we live on the same boulevard'. They would say 'we live on the same street'.

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