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Rosetta Stone vs. Duolingo

which one do you think is better?

July 10, 2013



Well Duolingo is free and has an interactive learner community. It's also much more entertaining than R.S. My vote is Duolingo all the way.


RS is boring and confusing while DL is pretty fun and very addictive. There could be a few things to make DL a lot better but honestly I love this site and just the whole way it's set up.


I completely agree, it is an addictive program.


I also completely agree. When ever I have time I'm on Duolingo either helping people with sentences, learning whatever language or translating articles. It is soooo addicting and i love it!


I read here:


"The efficacy of Duolingo’s data-driven approach has been backed up by a study that the company commissioned. Conducted by professors at City University of New York and the University of South Carolina, the study found that 34 hours on Duolingo was equivalent to the value of a first-year college semester, which takes in the order of 130+ hours. The same study found that Rosetta Stone users took between 55 and 60 hours to learn a similar amount."

I never used Rosetta Stone, but I am enjoying Duolingo at the moment.


Duolingo. It's free and you get to talk to people. And you actually learn stuff. Rosetta has none of this.


Rosetta Stone is boring and when i used it i didn't really learned anything, but with Duolingo im learning more and more everyday than i ever did with Rosetta. so i definitely going for Duolingo.


Free is always better!


Free, effective, social.....Duolingo all the way!


Well, Duolingo is free, so it immediately wins! No one should have to pay hundreds of dollars just to learn a new language. Plus Duolingo is pretty darn fun, and it keeps getting improved on all the time!


It isn't a good idea to have to pay for a language to learn (i wouldn't know, i got it for free) but as most people agree RS isn't even a good place to learn a new language, as you said it doesn't get updated, Duolingo is fun and entertaining, and you actually learn stuff


Awhile ago I'd tried Rosetta Stone until I got bogged down. I couldn't figure out how to pronounce a word, and the program wouldn't let me progress until I figured it out, but I couldn't figure it out without more material, so I gave up. Now, I'm thoroughly enjoying Duolingo. There are times that I get stuck in Duolingo, but it is easy to ask for help, look at discussions, check out other web resources, etc. So, I've kept at Duolingo. My progress in Duolingo is much much greater than Rosetta Stone. But, asking which is better on a Duolingo board is somewhat meaningless as you are unlikely to find anyone who likes Rosetta Stone on a Duolingo board.


I had the same problem with R.S it gave me such a hard time and some lessons were to long and i wanted to give up a lot, but Duolingo has not given me the feeling of giving up, it makes me want to keep going and learn more. And the reason why i asked was because some others i asked in my family and they mostly said R.S


Duolingo is much better IMO. I tried RS for German and Polish and I could never get the hang of it. The thing that tripped me up the most was that RS never taught you grammar. It just showed you objects and was like "This is what you say when you see this." Never explaining things like cases, conjugation, gender systems, etc. That made me endlessly confused. But Duolingo is much better since it actually teaches you why things are done the way they are with conjugation, cases, etc. Plus, Duolingo has the articles to translate which is really fun for me. And Duolingo has this whole discussion area, which is also fun!


When i was doing RS all i got was a picture and some words and most of the time i didn't even know what they were saying so i agree with you and well most of the other people on here that Doulingo is amazing and fun for all!


I used Rosetta stone when i could get it for free from my library (not anymore, greedy company) and i really liked that every sentence had pictures. That is really the biggest advantage to it i can think of. it does really help to get the words stuck in your brain. Duo is great for all the reasons everybody here knows.


I most definitely think that Duolingo is a lot better. Here is why I say this: •Rosetta Stone is not free but Duolingo is. •Duolingo has grammatical explanations but Rosetta Stone does not. • Rosetta Stone is primarily for the computer whereas Duolingo has made it into a fully functional app for both Apple products and Android products. •Duolingo has the "Immersion" section in which you are able to test your knowlegde and translate articles but Rosetta Stone does not.

I could probably find more but these are just some. For sure Duolingo is 10x better.


The grammatical explanations are a huge reason why I like Duolingo over R.S. Free is always SUPER nice, too!


Duolingo all the way! Way more entertaining way to learn than rosetta stone.


Duolingo is more effecitive


DuoLingo is free so I like that. However I tried Rosetta Stone a while back and really liked how it uses the microphone to check your pronunciation. I haven't seen that feature in DL yet. RS also has more languages. I'm most interested in Japanese and Mandarin, Neither are on DL.


i have not been on rs but i lve duolingo

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