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Translation Workflow Improvements

I noticed a few problems with the translation workflow. One of the problems is that hints are difficult to view on some devices. For starters, users have to hover the mouse over the words rather than click the word. This causes unpredictable results as the word you want to see is covered by the hint of the word you accidentally hovered over. Also, this doesn't work on touch screens. Even if you get the word to show up it isn't centered so you have to carefully maneuver the screen to view available translations. Finally, there is no place for in-context peer-discussion and notes.

I propose the following enhancements to address these concerns: 1. A popup or side panel in place of hover-to-reveal hints. 2. A place next to the panel/popup for users to supply hints, comments, and question for fellow translators. Yes there is a comment section, but it is not specific to a sentence and is more hidden, less integrated/visible, so it is often ignored, unfortunately. 3. Bookmarks for users to pick up where they left off. 4. Mobile support for article translation work.

December 5, 2014



Thanks for the feedback! :)


I love the idea of a bookmark.

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