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  5. "The ice is in the glass."

"The ice is in the glass."

Translation:Il ghiaccio è nel bicchiere.

July 11, 2013



When does one use nel or nello?


nel = in+il = nel bicchiere | nello = in+lo = nello zucchero

il = before consonant | lo = before s+consonant, x, y, z. gn, pn, ps


I'm wondering the same thing! This page suggests that it's based off of what article it would normally take http://www.livinglanguage.com/community/discussion/390/in-vs.-nelnellonellas/p1 but maybe someone can explain further?


You are exactly right: the form of "nel" is based on the article that would otherwise be there. This link has a chart of exactly which form to use with each article. You can see how the article is combined with "ne" as you look at the chart. http://italian.about.com/library/fare/blfare153a.htm


Nel usually means in like if the it "il bicchere" it will be "nel bicchere" because its in the glass


Ice cube would be cubetto di ghiaccio. Plural cubetti di ghiaccio.


Does using the singular "ghiaccio" mean just one ice cube? Would you have to say "I ghiacci sono nel bicchiere" if there were more than one cube?


ghiaccio è nel bicchiere. Is always used to say you have ice in the glass.

You say ghiacci, when you mention a specific quantity if ice cubes


Actually I've never heard "ghiacci" used in that meaning. I'd say "ghiacci" in the sentence "I ghiacci eterni dell'Antartide". To mention a specific quantity of ice cubes, I'd say "tre cubetti di ghiaccio (nel mio whisky)" :-)


rejected for spelling error??


Always getting in trouble for that accent


Il ghiaccio è nel il bicchiere, nothing wrong with that answer as far as I can tell. Sometimes I am punished for using the article and other times I am punished for leaving it out even though it is fine.

It is completely random. For example if I put Mangio la zuppa instead of Io mangio la zuppa I get an incorrect answer, both are fine but duolingo changes up the rules on every question.


nel = in + il. The article il is already there so you cannot repeat it.
And you cannot have in il bicchiere: you must use the nel form.


Io sono morto dentro


How do I type an e with the Italian accent mark on my phone?


This was right and was marked wrong!!!

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