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"Det var dejligt med noget mad."

Translation:It was nice to get some food.

December 5, 2014



I don't see where the "get" comes from. Is it some fixed expression?


The same structure is used in other places.

Det var dejligt med noget luft/ det var dejligt at få noget luft. It was nice to get some fresh air

Det er dejligt med sne om vinteren/det er dejligt at få sne om vinteren. It is lovely to get snow in the winter

Det er dejligt med tørvejr/ det er dejligt at få tørvejr. It is nice to get some dry weather


I think people are too keen to get a word for word translation between two languages. Danish is not simply English with different words.


Not knowing the idiom I translated it literally - ie "It was lovely with some food", thinking it might mean that something like a particular wine was nice with food (!) My translation was marked correct - so can it have this meaning and the more idiomatic 'lovely to get some food'?


Yes, some more explanation would be great, if anyone could answer.


Agreed. If it is 'to get', then shouldn't it be 'Det var dejligt at få noget mad.'?

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