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  5. "She goes to work by bike."

"She goes to work by bike."

Translation:Hon tar cykeln till jobbet.

December 5, 2014



Hon åker till jobbet med cykel. - Could that be also an alternative?


What translation did duo offer?


If I remember it right it was sth along the lines of: Hon tar cykel till jobbet.



No, you shouldn't use åker with cykel. The word åker implies you're not involved in getting the vehicle to move, thus used for riding a car, a train, an airplane or the like.

With cykel, you instead have to say the verb cykla or the construction ta cykel(n).


As I see, now duolingo accepts the answer "Hon åker cykel till arbetet" - how is it correct according to what you wrote above?


Well, I guess it's not wrong per se, but at least uncommon then.


What about "Hon gar till jobbet med cyckel"?


No, that doesn't make sense, since the use of implies she walks.


In case anyone is curious, "hon går till jobbet med cykeln" sounds like she is walking to work and wheeling her bike along.


Is gå always and only "to walk?"


Hon tar cykeln till jobbet is accepted. Hon tar cykel till jobbet is not. Two other comments here imply that it is. I assume that's deliberate so I thought I should point that out. (I'd be interested to know if the indefinite form is indeed acceptable.)


Also, does the definitive form here imply that it is her bike, as it often does eg. for body parts? I mean, the English sentence has no sense of ownership about it: it would be equally valid if she used a different bike every time (eg. in a city with a public bike hire scheme).


I think most people would simply assume it's her bike anyway, but it's not necessarily implied grammatically. So basically like in English.


Hon tar cykeln till jobbet = she takes the bike to work. Why is that not the English sentence to be translated?


It's mostly because "go to x by" is a very common and idiomatic expression in English but not in Swedish, so we need to teach that it doesn't translate literally. Hence, we have questions that default to this construction - and also questions that don't, so we get a nice mix of both.


And I quess that construction 'med cykeln' is also wrong? Meaning 'altogether with bike'?


Yes, something like that.


Why is Hon går till arbete förbi cykel wrong?


I'm not Swedish expert, but I think that 1) förbi can only go together with a place (e.g. "förbi huset"). Moreover you already use till. 2) går is really for walking (går: röra sig framåt genom att växelvis sätta ena foten framför den andra på ett fast underlag ). åker cykel means to cycle, to ride a bike, or tar cykel as in the duo suggestion. 3) You should use the "Bestämd" form I believe: arbetet eller jobbet

So "Hon åker/tar cykel till arbetet/jobbet" should be the most proper answer. Can someone confirm that?


It should be cykeln in the definite as well, but otherwise great explanation. :)


It tells me that "hon åker cykel till jobbet" and "hon tar cykeln till jobbet" are correct i.e. you need the definite article with "tar" but it is wrong with "åker". Hope that helps.


"Hon åker till jobbet på en cykel."? Fick fel...


That's more like "on a bike", which isn't idiomatic in either language.


It can be used in English a bit, it doesn’t sound wrong to me. But closest translation is all that matters to me here.


Couldn't it be hon åka cykel? And why not?


åker cykel is accepted - you need the present tense.


Just to make sure I understand correctly; is it jag åker cykel (indefinite) = I cycle or I go cycling, and Jag tar cykeln (definite) = I go by bike or I bike (as a means of transportation rather than as a sport)?


Yes, exactly! åker cykel focuses on the action, and tar cykeln focuses on the means of transportation.


Tack så mycket! I really appreciate your help.


Why "jobbet" in the definitive?


You know how English can't say "to job" here, even though "to work" is fine, so you have to say "to the job" if you choose that construction? Swedish is always like that, both for jobb and for arbete.


How is she takes the bicycle to work the same as she goes to work by bicycle?


I put hon åker till jobbet på cykel why is this wrong?


The correct answer, to me says, she takes a bike to work ? Instead of she goes to work by bike?!

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