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Does Duolingo give weight to reliable users?

In ranking translations, does a rating from a user with a strong translation history of their own have more weight than ratings from others? Or are all the smiley-face ratings counted equally (one man, one vote, as it were)?

I ask because, as a native speaker of English, I frequently come across "final" translations with multiple upvotes that are either completely meaningless or wildly ungrammatical. I can't help thinking that my red-faced downvote ought to carry a lot of weight in these situations. Does Duolingo look at, say, my own translation stats to give extra weight to my vote, or are all votes counted equally in rating a translation?

October 21, 2012



We're working on this!


@severin Good to hear- thanks for your response. :)


You are correct. If I, a pretty new to spanish student were to vote on your translation, It would have the same weight as if a professinal translator were to rate it. And just because someone rates it with a red frown face, doesn't nessicerly mean that you are wrong, it just means that is what the opinion of the translator is. What you can do, is checdk the profile of the rater, and see if you think (due to his knowlidge on spanish) he has a point. I hope this was helpful.

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