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  5. "Waar is het vliegveld?"

"Waar is het vliegveld?"

Translation:Where is the airport?

December 5, 2014



Are both luchthaven and vliegveld equally common in Dutch? I've noticed that the Schiphol airport is called luchthaven, and the KLM/Transavia in-flight messages also use the word luchthaven. Is luchthaven more formal?


I suppose luchthaven is a bit more formal since it seems to be the used term at airports, though in everyday life you can use them both and it is more a matter of preference.

Another thing is that technically speaking een luchthaven is a large vliegveld. However, there are no strict rules for that as small airports also use the term luchthaven. So in that light I suppose you may only not use luchthaven when it is just a landing strip and nothing like a terminal is present etc.


I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the difference is similar to that in English: an airfield is anywhere planes do land; an airport has international customs facilities.


Can it be "waar ligt het vliegveld"?


I'm pretty sure he says 'Waar IS het vliegveld' in a fast pace.

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