"Sekreteraren läser det personliga brevet."

Translation:The secretary is reading the personal letter.

December 5, 2014

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"Sekreteraren läser det personliga brevet. "

Translation:The secretary reads the personal letter.

Why is it "personliga" if "brevet" is singular? Shouldn't it be "Sekreteraren läser det personligt brevet"?


Its a definite form so the ending is "a" in most cases


Is "det personligt brevet" redundant?


Since it’s the definite, you need the definite ending -a on the adjective as well. You say ”ett personligt brev” but ”det personliga brevet”.


Tack för hjälpen :)


is it just me or "the personal letter" sounds odd in terms of English? why "that personal letter" wouldn't work? still weird but less grammatically and semantically...


Both work in this sentence and have roughly the same meaning. Sometimes "the" is not interchangeable with "that", though.


In Swedish, den/det + determinate noun equals that + noun in English, but den/det + adjective + determinate noun equeals the + noun in English.
So actually
det personliga brevet is 'the personal letter'
det där personliga brevet is 'that personal letter'
det brevet = 'that letter'
brevet = 'the letter'


What would be the translation of "the secretaries"? Because sekreterare can mean both the single secretary and the plural secretaries, but sekreteraren appears to mean only "the secretary"


Hello! I might have missed something from previous lessons... Anyway, why not det personligt brevet?


Adjectives become plural when used as part of the definite. Note brevet är personligt vs det personliga brevet


This new voice is pleasant, but giving me fits: in this sentence, for example, det sounds like deh, and brevet sounds like breveh. As an older learner who never will have a native speaker's accent, I believe that I should pronounce as clearly and fully as I can, and take no shortcuts. I guess it is good to be able to understand a variety of voices, and good to have to think through the logic of the grammar. Still, disconcerting. What think you?


I don't understand why we need the 'det' in this sentence


The 'n' at the end of "sekreteraren" is not coming through in the audio.

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