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Italian Experts Needed

Can someone give some sentence examples of Clitic pronouns dat. before acc. ?? Are these commonly used in Italian?

I am referring to the 5th row of the Pronoun table on this webpage: http://www.thefullwiki.org/Italian_grammar#Clitic_pronouns

July 11, 2013



Yes, they are very used; they're usually called "double pronouns", because they are deformations of a pronoun when using two clitics.

  • Gliel'ho dato: I gave it to him

  • Me ne vado: I'm going away from here

  • Ve la siete presa: You guys took it (or idiomatically, you got offended)


Are these "double pronouns" covered in the Clitic section? I don't recall many examples...


Hm my duolingo vocabulary says that the word "ce" belongs to Clitics, but I can't be sure; I remember examples such as "ce la possiamo fare" (farcela: fare+ci+la).

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