"She eats an apple."

Translation:Hon äter ett äpple.

December 5, 2014



why is it ett and not en?

December 5, 2014


There's little reason to the grammatical genders. All words are either and it's really just the way it is.

December 5, 2014


I notice that äter is used for he, she, and I. Are verbs not conjugated?

September 29, 2016


Wouldn't "Hun äter ett äpple" mean "She eats the apple"? Wouldn't "en" be the better option for "an apple"?

September 17, 2016


First of all, "hun" is the Danish word for "she", in Swedish, it is "hon". There isn't a rule for the use of articles. Every word either has "en" or "ett" as an article, you'll just have to learn the articles separately. Also, when the article is placed in front of the noun, it becomes the indefinite form. For example --> "ett äpple", meaning "an apple". If the article becomes a suffix (when it is placed behind the noun), it becomes the definite form. For example --> "äpplet", meaning "the apple".

July 18, 2018


What does this have to do with plurals exactly? Not complaining, just curious :)

February 14, 2017


This is soo difficult! I dont get it!

April 6, 2019
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