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  5. "Ela toca na baleia."

"Ela toca na baleia."

Translation:She touches the whale.

July 11, 2013



I translated this as "She touches on the whale" but Duolingo marked that wrong and said it translated as "She touches the whale." I get it that my translation sounds weird in English, but since it had the word "na" I figured it was just some idiomatic thing. However, since Duolingo translated this as "She touches the whale", why is the original sentence "Ela toca na baleia" and not "Ela toca a baleia"? It seems "na" is unnecessary here.


In Portuguese we use tocar+em (na = em + a) to mean touch. If you dont use that, it will sound like "whip out of"


The verb tocar, when meaning to touch (with the hand) may be used with or without the preposition EM. Your sentence should be accepted by Duolingo.

When it means to play (an instrument), it must be used without the preposition.


I translated this as "She plays in the whale" which I think is grammatically correct. It doesn't really make a lot of sense to say, but a lot duolingo sentences don't... Does anyone know if that is a correct translation?


Yes, grammatically corret! =)

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