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What after duolingo

I hated books, can't stand looking at one, my brain shuts off when I read one and I tried so many times. Can someone recommend a source to use after I'm done with duolingo?

December 5, 2014



I would also suggest reading or listening to 8sidor.se - the computerised voice is a little bizarre, but it does help you keep your place !


Thank you. I don't know how I missed that website before


I know people watch Disney films or cartoons in the language they are learning with subtitles in their native language. Maybe try something like that?


I do that while watching movies or documentaries it works well!


I would have recommended books, but if you are dead set against them, then maybe try watching Swedish movies/shows with subtitles. Also, you could try to find a Swedish pen-pal or Skype friend with whom you can practice your speaking and listening skills. Good luck :-)

EDIT: Once the Swedish course graduates from beta, they'll probably add the Immersion feature, which is a great way to improve your vocabulary and understanding of the language.


I was wondering where this great and revered "Immersion" part of duolingo is - thank you for explaining that >.<

Also, for those of us who are interested in books, where would you recommend we start?


I can't recommend any Swedish books because, well, I don't know any. I'm not learning Swedish at the moment, I just did a couple of lessons when the course came out. The advice I was giving was just for general language learning. But you should probably start out with some children's books as they are simple enough to be understood by beginners, and then move up to more advanced level books. Google is your friend :-) Good luck!


Perhaps checking in on Swedish news (written and tv) once in a while can help?

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