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  5. "I want a sandwich."

"I want a sandwich."

Translation:Jag vill ha en smörgås.

December 5, 2014



I know a lot of times there is no word for word translation between English and Swedish sentences, but in this case do we need to have "ha" in this sentence to make sense in Swedish? Would Jag vill en smörgås work, seeing as the sentence does not say "I want to HAVE a sandwich." Or will "ha" always need to be included when one "wants" something?


You always need to say "vill ha" for wanting something, "vill" is used just for intention.


Would it be correct to say "Jag vill äter en smörgås"?


No, but it is correct to say "jag vill äta en smörgås". Remember that you have to use the infinitive!


"Jag vill äter en smörgås" means: I want to eating a sandwich.


How do I interpret vill ha? Is it more demanding? Or would I say it to a friend when I'm hungry like "I could go for a sandwich now"? Or is it a completely acceptable phrase which I could use for ordering a sandwich without sounding rude?


Looks like 'i WILL HAVE a sandwich.'


lol i don't know why sometimes there are some words like "ha" or "om", is it just random?


Om as in tycker om? Thats like saying thinking about


Is there a reason you cannot say "Jag vill ha smörgåsen?"

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