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Immersion XP is counted in the current language shown with the flag. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi there,

First of all, I would like to say that I think this is a great resource, thank you to everyone involved!

Second of all, please let me apologize in advance if the below topic has been discussed in the past and/or being looked into.

Perhaps my point here is old news, but I have noticed that if you are translating / proofreading an article in a language different than the one that is currently the default language (as depicted by the flag next to the profile picture), then the XP gained count towards the default language and NOT the one that you are translating from.

You might wonder, how does one even get into this situation? I noticed an article being translated that came up on my activity feed that I wanted to work on, so I simply clicked on the link, rather than entering via the immersion button.

Not sure if users and staff are aware of this bug but I know now to try and remember to switch the default language accordingly.

BTW, This also happens is you try and upload an article, it will be uploaded to the current default language in your settings regardless of what language from which you indicate that it should be translated.

I am not sure the staff is aware (although it would surprise me if they weren't), but if you think this is an important feature to be looked at, then please feel free to upvote, so it can be brought to the appropriate attention.

Cheers, Sophie

December 5, 2014



If I am learning Spanish from English (just an example), the expected behaviour will be to translate Spanish articles to English. And that's why the XPs earned will be added to my Spanish to English course XPs. Are you saying you are getting English documents which can be translated to Spanish?


Hi, no what I am saying is that I had my default language to Spanish as I was doing a few lessons, and then popped over to translate an article that would be from French to English. The XP's earned for that translation was credited to my Spanish progress not my French.


Ah. I wondered how I gained some XP for translating from Italian -- in some mysterious way. I bet this is how it happened.


Or, possibly it was because you do translate from Italian and SOMEONE (naming no names) upvoted your work :-)))


However I did go test, and it does work as Acrosoph describes: if I translate Spanish but I have my Italian flag displaying, I receive XP in my Italian profile.

So it is a workaround to gain Italian XP :)


I must remember that for my German .. lol :-))


I will say that I appreciate upvotes, at least when my translations are not too bad :)


Don't we all ! hahaha :-))


I just saw someone (in the Excuse Me Officer Can You Help Me Find My Drugs article) with an Italian-English tier of 34! Perhaps at that high level, one no longer cares....


Ah! we can but dream !!!!

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