"Först och sist"

Translation:First and last

December 5, 2014

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is forst/forsta singular/plural? what is the singular of "andra"?


Andra = annat (ett) / annan (en) / andra (pl)


Maybe we should add that this is the "andra" that means "other", not the "andra" that means "second", which would be "andra" all along. De fick ett andra barn (They got a second child), Jag läste boken en andra gång (I read the book a second time). compare De köpte ett annat hus (They bought another house), Jag läser boken en annan gång (I'll read the book some other time).


Hej, is this exposed more thoroughly in any discussion? I'd like a bit more of insight, tack :) (We might need a grammar lesson at the beginning)


Yes that’s correct. ”Första” is also the definite form just as ”andra” is either definite or plural, or both. The singular of ”andra” is ”annan”.


I think ¨först¨is an adverb which means ¨at first¨ or ¨firstly¨ while ¨första¨is just an ordinal number and means ¨first¨or we had better say ¨the first¨.


"Först och sist och alltid" - A.Eldritch


"på du är inte först, du är sist" - Ricky Böbby


Om du inte är först så är du sist.


Tack! I get , om and i mixed up because they can all mean "on," "of," "for" or "in" in different contexts.

Also, when does inte come before the verb and after? If I was saying "I'm not going" it would be "Jag kommer inte" and "don't like" is "tycker inte" so why is it "inte är?"


The general structure is [SUBCLAUSE] är du sist, so the first part of the sentence is a subclause.
In subclauses, there's a rule called BIFF, which means that in a subclause, inte goes before the finite verb (Bisats Inte Före Finita = Subclause Inte Before Finite).
A finite verb is a verb that shows time, in this subclause, är. So inte must go before it.


I finally got a microphone good enough to use the voice training feature, and I was wondering... In casual Swedish speaking, is it acceptable to pronounce och as O?


It's even the common way. The K-sound isn't hear unless you really emphasize the word.

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