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Repeated sentence in Danish Infinitive 2 Lesson 7

In lesson 7 of Infinitive 2 in Danish, I got the sentence: 'Hvem er i stand til at forklare systemet til mig?' three times. A bug? Just here to mention the problem:)

December 5, 2014



I think sentences are selected randomly so it is not a bug, just a quirk of ranomising logic with computers.

I just use it as a strengthening exercise and move on.


Can't say for sure but sentences are sometimes repeated in lessons, to reinforce new concepts. Maybe it was intentional, not a bug.


If you got it right the first time, and it's not presented in a different way (Danish -> English instead of the other way around, for example) I don't think it should be repeating - at least not twice. :)


Of course, sentences are repeated often, but always in different forms. This was three times Danish -> English translation, and I was correct from the first time on.

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