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"The animal eats the cake and the oranges."

Translation:Dyret spiser kagen og appelsinerne.

December 5, 2014



"Dyren" doesn't exist its just "Dyret". Duolingo sometimes says that you had a typo but you still got the question correct so maybe that's why it accepts "Dyren".


What is the difference between "dyren" and "dyret"


dyren doesn't exist, it's just dyret


Ok, why in some instances do they use "et" instead of "en" because I ended up putting in "dyren" too. When is "et" used rather than "en"?


that has to do something with genders.


In my opinion, this is not okay. I first encountered it on the one where you have to type what she is saying. One, the distortion from the slow speak makes it just as bad as the fast speak. Two, the sentence is too bizarre. You hear dyret and don't understand because it is illogical. Please fix this.


I GOT IT CORRECT AND I SPELT EVERYTHING RIGHT. It didn't show any mistakes but I still got it wrong! D: :(


It's unhealthy for animals to eat cake.

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