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  5. "They do not make mistakes."

"They do not make mistakes."

Translation:Elas não erram.

July 11, 2013



What about Ela não fazem erram? Why is that incorrect?


You can't use two verbs conjugated in Portuguese, just the first. So it would be "elas não fazem errar". But it means nothing in Portuguese. Then you could use erros (noun) - Elas não fazem erros, which does not sound common. So use simply the verb errar: Elas não erram.


Is there a reason we can't just say "não erram"?


For some reason, a lot of the Portuguese sentences don't have the version without the subject pronoun listed among the approved translations. I get marked off regularly for dropping a pronoun when the sentence is unambiguous :(


Why is 'Elas' não erram. wrong?


Good question, Duolingo marked it wrong for me as well.


So, why "erros" is not in the meanings of "mistakes"?


In this case "make mistakes" was changed into just one verb: "errar". But you could also say "cometer erros".


Hovering over 'mistakes' doesn't even shoe 'erram' as a solution. What?


The reason that the exact translation of 'make mistakes' (fazem errors) does not work, I'm assuming, is simply that it is not a collocation in Portuguese. This means that it is not a recognized combination of words. It's the same reason why we can say 'heavy rain: in English but not 'strong rain'.


It counted me wrong for using elas instead of eles too (that's a mistake in the lesson, I believe)


This is easily the most difficult confusing sentence ive encountered. This is the type of sentence that needs a lot of explanation so we understand why the sentence is like this. From the help given the best i could come up with was "eles nao fazem compreende mal" not even close..

[deactivated user]

    Can I say "Ele não se engana"?


    here in Brazil "eles" and "elas" are different, but in English it's all the same, "Elas e Eles = They" So why "They don't make mistakes" is wrong?

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