"Jag har glömt mitt lösenord."

Translation:I have forgotten my password.

December 5, 2014

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Ha, I didn't think this course would end up teaching me English. I got marked wrong for saying I have forgot my password, which I actually now agree with, even though I have said it that way my entire life! :)


'I have forgot my password' sounds very British to me. Perhaps you are? My husband says this, along with 'I have forgot my keys' etc.


Yes I am English :) I think many native speakers often mix up the supinum & preteritum forms of verbs (see also: swam/swum). Probably because often they are the same, and the meaning is still delivered even if the wrong form is used


My iphone says 'ange lösenkod' when I have to enter my password/passcode. What is the difference?


I think lösenORD=passWORD and lösenKOD=passCODE. At least in Apple's view...


Really? "Kod" is code :). I have never heard "lösenkod", only "lösenord" and "kod".


Yup, mine says that too. I think it's "lösenkod" because it consists of four numbers, instead of letters. :)


Haha, so funny.. It really says so. I have a Dutch iPhone and set it into Swedish language.. Maybe I discoverd a new Swedish word now :-D


My "loosen-word" :D


lösen comes from lösa, which basically means to resolve, although it has and has had many similar meanings throughout history. It's a very old word.

Old English actually used to have a cognate: "leese", which was gradually incorporated into the non-cognate "lose". That's why the English word "lose" has both transitive and intransitive meanings. :)


Jag älskar etymologi, tack för informationen ;)


Thank you! I was hoping somebody would explain what the 'lösen' bit meant! :)

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