"Min syster studerar svenska."

Translation:My sister is studying Swedish.

December 5, 2014

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Can also Pluggar be used here?


Is the pronunciation of svenska here correct? I learnt it somewhere else as having more of a W sound, like Swenska.


It... doesn't have a W sound per se, but it's certainly not the hard V the western world uses generally. It's a little more liquid: air does not pass between the teeth and lip as hardly as does when you make the English V sound.

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    What about the first s? Sounds like german "sch" to me


    If one word ends in an r and the next starts with an s, it's common to merge those into the retroflex rs sound. Whether you do or not depends on your sociolect, mostly. I would never merge here - while e.g. Arnauti would always do.

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      Thanks for your endless patience:-)


      Ok, but why does she say it retroflex (sh) between the 'r' in studerar and the 's' in svenska, but she keeps them separate between systrar and studerar? If using rhe retroflex between words is georgraphic or socio-economic, why would it shift within the same sentence under any circumstances?

      Also, I would love any guidance on where/who specifically does the retroflex between words and who doesn't.


      Is "studerar" used for academic studies, like she is learning it at college, and "lära sig" more for non-academic leaning, or can "studerar" also be used in the latter case? Tack!


      That's indeed the general distinction. It's not a set rule, so studerar can be used for the latter and obviously if you study you generally tend to learn as well. But the normal implication would be as you say.


      Tack så mycket!

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