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  5. Nice change to the leaderboard


Nice change to the leaderboard

It's now available in weekly, monthly or all-time statistics. Hyper-groovy!


July 11, 2013



I think I've found a bug - I have friends with streaks in the 100s, and when you mouse over their profile, it will say x points earned for the week. But on the weekly leaderboard, they have 0.


very cool to not feel dwarfed by people who have huge 'all-time' stats!


haha was wondering why I couldn't see this wonderful new board thing it is because I don't have it lol


I can't see it. How do I check that?


We're testing a new leaderboard with weekly and monthly statistics. Currently only 50% of all the users have it.


Could the leaderboard be language-specific by any chance? So you only get the number of the coins your friends have earned, for example, on French, and not the total of their points on all languages, when you are studying in the French section.


Yes, I agree, that would be even better.


Allright, any idea when the rest of us can see it too?


10 days, give or take.


Hello Luis,

I am a teacher using DuoLingo as a fun supplement for my German classes. My mobile leaderboard is set to weekly, while most of my kids have lifetime? Is there some way to fix this so we all have lifetime?


Is there a total number of translated sentences in the new Leaderboard ?


But in my iPhone I can't see the all time leaderboard anymore. Anyone can?


I earned 70 XP today but the Leaderboard lists me at only 48. It seems my first few lessons were NOT counted. Anyone know why that might be? I started the day with lessons on the desktop version an then did one lesson on the app, which got me from sleeping to 0 on the leaderboard.

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