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Cannot practice without a timer

Somehow since a couple of days till like a week I cannot practice without a timer. I also cannot do test outs or use the ´´Contact Us´´ button under help.

I can however do timed practices, placement tests and use the ´´Ask the Community´´ button and anything else I can think off.

December 5, 2014



Is it regarding the new feature? The strength bar is not a timer. So yes you can still practice without a timer. See the Popular discussion by Luis on this new change. "Strength Bar Lessons" in which you will not die, because there are no hearts to lose. If you miss a question your strength becomes less and you just need to have more correct answers to fill your strength bar to complete this practice. If you are truly having this problem, I would contact the Support tab at your left as well.


No it´s not that. I cannot use those options at all. Like it´s blocked or something. Must be something duolingo changed last week.

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