"Han köper samma tidning som jag."

Translation:He is buying the same newspaper as me.

December 5, 2014

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Why is it not "samma tidningen" if the translation is "the same newspaper"?


For the same reason you don't say the same the newspaper in English. samma is enough to make the whole expression determinate.


the correct english translation should be "he buys the same newspaper as me" since "I" can't be a direct object.


Actually, no. The correct English would be, "He buys the same newspaper as I do." The "do" at the end can be left off, but it sounds better to leave it in.

It's a comparison. "HE DOES the same as I DO." The actions are being compared.


All three are fine and accepted. "I do" is correct for the reason you mention. Just "I" is an abbreviated version, as you say. And "me" is correct since the "than" can take a noun and change its case. I rather like Wiktionary's summary:

Than functions as both conjunction and preposition; when it is used as a conjunction, it governs the nominative case, and when a preposition, the oblique case. To determine the case of a pronoun following "than", a writer can look to implied words and determine how they would relate to the pronoun.


For the same reason, I think this should be accepted: She is buying the same newspaper as I am


I assume that's accepted if you write "He" instead of "She". :)


Hah! My bad - thanks.


I put "like me" and I think it should be accepted too


"He's buying the same newspaper like me" doesn't work in English. If it's a comparison, it has to be "the same as".


Why is it "som jag" and not "som mig"?


because mig is objective (accusative?). I think it would be comparable to English "me" if the question to which the answer is "me" is "Whom" "Whom?" "-Me." so it's e.g. "Whom do I see?" -Me. (Mig.) but "He buys the same newspaper as who?" -Me. (Jag.)


Do swedes mess up the jag/mig distinction a lot in the same way that us english speakers (americans at least) mess up the I/me distinction?


Could I use "att" instead of "som" to define "that" on this sentence? Where each one applies? Any specific rule?


Can these be added, please?

He buys the same newspaper as I do.

He buys the same newspaper that I do.


Excellent idea!! It seems fine to accept the arguably incorrect but colloquial ´... same newspaper as me´, (language evolves, etc) but then it seems only fair to include this more technically correct type of sentence.


Why does it count "He is buying the same newspaper as I." as correct but not "He is buying the same newspaper as I am." ?


Is the pronuncation of "samma" correct here? I'm hearing [shamma].


It’s because of the -r in ”köper” which causes the /s/ to become more like English sh . The combination ”rs” is usually pronounced this way. Compare e.g. the word personlig (personal).


By the way, the letter k in "koper" is pronounced not like in the TTS, right? Because I looked it up on that site you guys like to use to hear real people pronounce the words and they don't say it like the TTS voice.


It sounds fine to me. Did you search for köper on Forvo? Because one recording there is German, so that might have been what you listened to. The Swedish one sounds fine.


Is this sound always made when occurs in a word (köper/kött), and is it the same soun as the sk/skj sound like in sköldpadda?


No, k before /e i y ä ö/ is usually pronounced roughly like English sh, whereas sk before /e i y ä ö/ becomes the sj-sound: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sj-sound


Oops. This is the sound I meant, not the sound I said above. Is this the right sound? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voiceless_alveolo-palatal_sibilant


I'm not hearing the rs sound in this word, I'm hearing a disctinct r and s sound. It would seem (if I'm hearning correctly) that the TTS now has the wrong pronuncation


Yes, our new TTS does not pronounce this assimilation over word boundaries, but the old one did, which is what the discussion is about. It’s still common in natural speech however.


"He buys the same newspaper that I do" is marked wrong, striking 'that' for 'as'. What would be the equivalent in Swedish for this use of 'that'?


I think it's because you inserted the word do in there are the end, which does not exist in the swedish form of this sentence. Of course, "He buys that same newspaper that I" doesn't make sense either, so that translation wouldn't work here.


I typed He buys the same newspaper as I do and it was accepted. The "that" appears to be the problem, not "do". I could've leave the I dangling at the end. :-)


Actually, the "that" isn't a problem either, but tzimnoch's comment is over three years old so I imagine a translation was added to fix the issue a long time ago. :)


Couldn't not could've.


Minor annoyance but JAG and JA sound identical and to a fluent Swedish it may be easy to delineate but for a new person it is confusing


They frequently sound the same, but they almost never work in the same context. For instance here, if you say "He buys the same newspaper as yes", that makes no sense at all. You can apply the same logic to the Swedish.


Why is jag not stressed with the g


Han köper samma tidning som jag

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