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Duolingo Dutch Facebook Group

Hallo allemaal!

Fijne Sinterklaasavond! :)

We'd like to let you know that we've launched a Facebook group for the Dutch learners (and our fellow Dutch experts!) on Duolingo. It is called: "Duolingo Dutch Learners" and can be found here.

This is mostly an experiment, to see whether:

  1. there's any interest in such a thing
  2. it improves/obstructs communication between the course contributors and learners
  3. stimulates learning

Our creation of this group is also based on the significant number of posts in our forum trying to initiate talking practice (on skype and elsewhere).

For you Dutch learners out there, don't be afraid to join!

For those less interested in Dutch (very possible!) but intrigued by the idea: feel free to ask us questions and/or share your knowledge/suggestions! We really are very curious about what you think.

We are f.i. considering posting a Dutch writing assignment, exercise or discussion topic in the group, on a weekly basis.

We also want to introduce polls once we have enough members, to gauge what our users really think, like and prefer. :)

Best wishes,

Team Dutch

P.S.: Please do not post anything offensive, disturbing or quarrel with others. We will remove you from the group if you do.

December 5, 2014



Hey so I saw a post for writing practice, something about "How do you greet someone, describe the location" or something -- I think it might be FAR more engaging to once every few days post something like...

"Yesterday the new iPhone came out. Are you going to get it? What are you thoughts on it? Respond in Dutch!" (Or a question about some other big event everyone knows about)

Then one person would comment, another person would give their opinion, people would reply, and there'd be a good debate going on (which would require new vocab to look up and use)... I think that would be the most fun and effective way to practice!


Thanks for the suggestion! :)

We're trying out different things.
We'll first see how this one goes.

We can also use a poll to see what you guys want to do for practice later, for next week, when the time comes. :)


I'll be requesting to join this tomorrow! :) I don't have facebook on my phone but this is something I would definitely be joining :) Can't wait! YAY #TD (Short for team Dutch :3)


Hallo! So u are learning Dutch? How did it go with your local newspaper?


Hey :) yes I've been learning Dutch since April 2014 as my fiancé is from the Netherlands :) I received nothing from my local newspaper btw.


Good for you hun! Please continue to learn!!! If I may, is your fiance currently learning any languages? o.O My romantic partner has been learning English. :)


You learn every language : O


He has an interest in Norwegian and Spanish, and he does have a Duolingo account but I'm far more active as he is busy saving up money to move over to England. Has your other half had fun learning English? :)


Yes! I have been enjoying learning her language! England? Very nice. I love their television programs. :)


Oh ok. No worries maybe they applied but didn't receive a reply no worries :)


Ik ben van Vlaanderen waar Nederlands wordt gesproken. Ik wil absoluut mensen helpen die het willen leren. I'm from the northern part of Belgium where they speak Dutch so I'm glad to help people if they try to learn Dutch. I'll join tommorow.


Mijn man is van Vlaanderen ook, so I am trying to learn a bit of Dutch so it's easier to communicate with his family. Besides, one can never know where life might take you. Btw, English is not my mother tongue, so I'll probably make some mistakes with English as well :P


Just curious, but is the group set up in a way to where everything posted to the group page can only be seen by members of the group? Or if I comment on a post, or post something of my own, will it show up in my friends' newsfeeds?


Good question! These are the group's privacy settings:

So it appears that non-members cannot see posts in the group. However, the workings of Facebook are always a little mysterious, so I cannot guarantee that it won't show up in your friends' feeds. Perhaps someone else can answer.


If it's a closed group it won't show up in your friend's feeds at all :) just your own newsfeed. I'm part of a NaNoWriMo group for my area that is also a closed one and my posts don't show up on my friend's feeds.


It is good for the group to be closed, because my friends will not see my posts and laught at me :)


You're making an effort to learn a new language. If your friends think that's something to laugh at, challenge them to do the same!


You're on a Nanowrimo group?! Hallo, fellow Nanoer! :)


Yes, I am. My local county has a NaNo group :)


I made an International Nano group, but so far it has 4 members + me. I only add people who I know are on Nano :P


I can confirm that it is a closed group and "outsiders" cannot see anything. I just sent a request to join. See you all soon!


Hi everyone, I'm new in Duolingo. I have just joined the Facebook group this morning. I want to learn Dutch because half of my family speak it, but unfortunately I have grown up only with French. I also speak English and Spanish. Cheers.


Interesting to have a Flamand Francais in this group. I am Dutch so up to now not in this Facebook group. I sometimes write on the internet forum"Frans Vlaanderen in het Nederlands" . Do you know this forum?


Hey guys. I've just started the Dutch course here around a month ago and am about to finish the materials provided on the site. I find it relatively easy to understand the grammar and even to acquire the vocabulary, since I already know English and German very well. But somehow I find it difficult to actively produce, either in speaking or in writing. So do you guys have any recommendations in terms of some reading materials or online tv resource? I would fancy that the contexts in real texts or conversations would help me with both understanding and active production, before I would go out there and bore a native speaker. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Team Dutch rocks!


Hi! I am a native Dutchie and have joined the course to answer questions that are posted underneath the sentences. May I join too? I woudn't call myself an expert but I have definitely mastered Dutch :P


Hi SuzanElise, I am a just starting out learning Dutch. I have done a few courses but am struggling as I really have no one to either talk or write with who knows the language. Do you have a group that I could join so that I can learn the language also through practice using it??


Sorry, I only see this just now, haven't been active on here in a while. The Facebook group this post is about (Duolingo Dutch Learners) is really active and contains a lovely group of people, both learners and native speakers. I really recommend joining if you are still looking for a group. You can post in Dutch to practice your writing but there is also room to ask questions, about both grammar and Dutch culture/anything else you want to know.

Good luck with your learning :)


Hallo :) I don't know if this has been given yet but it's a great website for learning Dutch. http://www.learndutch.org/

Kunnen wij ook in het Nederlands spreken?

I've been studying it for about a month and a half now. I'm a High School Spanish teacher near Chicago (USA)


Hello, I'm uncertain of where to post this but will take a shot here. Is it possible to have duolingo add another category to the dutch course? One that I believe may be important in conversation. This one would be Modal Participles that include words such as 'maar, toch, wel, hoor, eens, even and nou'. I was doing my usual learning online and came across an article where the writer expressed how tricky these words can be in influencing a polite or impolite conversation and are usually difficult for non-native speakers to understand, much less use. Any direction or comments would be really appreciated. Thanks very much.

The mentioned article was read here:



Hi s.kari,

Interesting! The problem with teaching you those words is the very fact that they're also tricky to translate. This means that whichever skill we create for these words is likely to be report-heavy and difficult to maintain.

Regardless, we'll be taking a look. :)
Perhaps we can create a separate grammar module for them if a skill doesn't work out.
Thanks for your suggestion!

In the future, feel free to create a new thread in the Dutch forum whenever you have a suggestion. There's also a longer and older suggestions thread in the forum, but a separate new thread is fine too. :)


Your acknowledgement is very much appreciated. Thanks!


I found the link quite interesting. Thx


As did I, but as I continued reading in the comments section there were remarks about some of the translations being incorrect. Be careful.


I think it's an excellent idea! I've just sent my request!

(And I've just been accepted, haha. Bedankt, Kai Engle!)


Woohoo! No problem :)


Oh my goodness! This is SUCH a good idea! Too bad Dutch is not one of my languages of focus right now, or I would've GLADLY joined the group! I'm just learning Dutch on an off and on basis for now. I WISH the Spanish and German and French teams would do something like this too!


When I clicked on the link to look at the Dutch group, recommendations for a French group and Spanish and German ones came up too. If you search duolingo French, for example the group comes up.(hope that helps:))


Yes, It does,! Merci!


There is a french one, I just joined it myself. :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/1500829686903851/


Hey, thanks a lot! :D Just joined too!


This is a very vivid group - I can barely keep up


Did you mean "livid" or did you mean "lively" instead of vivid? Vivid means "clarity/clear". Livid means "Feeling or showing extreme anger". where as Lively means "Full of life and energy" or "Full of zest or vigor". All three are sound very similar and in use too. If vivid is what you mean all along.... then, it has been a mistake of interpretation on my part.


Check the 4th full definition; it can also mean "acting clearly and vigorously" which can indeed be similar to, though not quite the same as "lively." The simple definition for vivid also includes "seeming like real life because it is very clear, bright, or detailed." or "very bright in color" http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/vivid http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/lively


I've been learning Dutch for a few months now. I still have trouble remembering the words, but the Duolingo Dutch course has helped me survive my visit to the Netherlands last month... I was able to converse in fairly good Dutch with the locals especially in Eindhoven and Utrecht!

Nederlands is een hele mooie land. :)


leef deze group nog...? alle posts zijn van een paar jaar etrug


Laten we deze groep opnieuw geweldig maken!


Just started learning Dutch! I really like it!


Good French !! Bon français !


Somebody know what is the level of German after to finish the Duolingo course ? (eg. B1, B2)


I will be joining the group once I go back home :) I need all the help I can get, I need to be taking the inburgering exam this year... So I love this idea! I hope this Facebook group thrives :D


Love this idea! I really need to immerse myself in Dutch, I want to learn quickly :D the idea of doing a weekly assignment is wonderful! See you all there~


I have just send a request to join as well, I see I'm already accepted :) Thanks!



I've been learning here for right at a week, and am really enjoying the experience. I'm a native English speaker, and took Spanish in high school, but as an internet junkie I've made friends elsewhere and I speak with the Dutch folk most often. So I'm learning it pretty much "just because."

Found this website to be an amazing tool, and I fully intend to stick around.

Applied to the Facebook group. Look forward to chatting with some of you soon!


I want to learn dutch as much I can :)


Hello, I am a native dutch speaker. I would love to help people with learning Dutch, so feel free to message me haha. :)


I've just requested membership! 'Het spijt me' for not writing this post in Dutch, but as I've only jumped into this adventure today, I can't figure out how to include animals, food, and plurals into my 'dank je wel' post for offering this page! Looking forward to meeting new friends and enjoying some good Dutch conversation (hopefully not too embarrassing). Cheers!


Hello! I have just began learning dutch as I will be studying there next year :) Just joined the Facebook page!


i would like to see the same done for german


Leuk! Ik meld me aan :)


Brilliant idea! I will join myself ^^ My boyfriend is from the Netherlands and I visit often and he is urging me to learn Dutch. But as an English person it is quite hard, especially having a background in French, I often get 'Je' confused -.- Fantastic idea though, keep it up ^-^


Just signed up to Duolingo and am starting to learn Dutch! Have sent a request :)


Please, please, please bring in the 'Word' facility. I found it so useful in Spanish


yes, it could be useful.


Just want to put this out there... Ever since I joined this FB group my Dutch has improved a lot! :) Ik ben veel aan het leren met deze FB groep.


Hi, is the group o FB still active? I can't find the join button? I'm a native speaker (Flemish Dutch) and I'd like to help. I'm also working professionally with newcomers who are learning Dutch as a part of their integration process in Belgium.


Hi, de link naar de facebookpagina werkt niet (meer), mogelijk omdat de pagine met die naam niet bestaat.


i need to learn duch so :)


Would love to join this group, as it would provide me with a good amount of experience regarding learning dutch, But i don't have facebook. Bummers.


you're not alone there. Maybe you should think of networking with other learners as to practice your Dutch.

[deactivated user]

    Can you arrange a twitter group?


    I think the Dutch writing assignment would be GREAT!!


    Great idea, but that's advanced stuff. I wonder who or what would check that?


    Hoi allemaal. Ik ben op zoek naar een Noor(se) taalbuddy (native speaker) die Nederlands leert. Vooral om stukjes die ik in het Noors schrijf na te kijken en te corrigeren. Zelf ben ik Nederlands en heb ik Noors gestudeerd aan de universiteit. We kunnen elkaar taaladvies geven en bijv. proeflezen. Het liefst kom ik in contact met een (voormalige) universitaire student met een achtergrond in linguïstiek, en/of iemand die net zoals ik werkt als vertaler. Lijkt dit je wat of ken je iemand? Reageer dan snel op dit berichtje!


    Halloo iedereen!


    Thank you for this wonderful group! Really hope to become its member!


    Can we speak Dutch or German ?


    I think I sent a request to join



    There are no more invites for us to accept, so you should be a member now. (:

    If not, please send the request again. (;


    This is awesome, a request has been sent :)


    Great idea! I've been looking for something like that. I just sent you a request. :)


    superb idea! Count me in :-)


    I had a question! How similar is Dutch to Flemish? I haven't been able to find a solid answer online


    There are some spelling and vocabulary differences, but it's about as similar as UK English is to American English.


    Dutch is the only official language of both Flanders and the Netherlands (except in Friesland) and the differences in pronunciation and vocabulary on radio and tv are very minor. Contrary to what many people think, Flemish is not an official language.

    What some Flemish people informally call 'Flemish' (mostly to distinguish themselves from the hated Dutchmen) is not one language, but were originally a collection of dialects ranging from West-Flemish to East-Flemish, South-Brabantian and Limburgish. These are also spoken in The Netherlands in Zeeuws-Flanders, North-Brabant and Dutch Limburg, although they are getting weaker due to the influence of Hollandish from the Randstad. Likewise, the Flemish dialects are getting weaker in favor of Brabantian because of the dominance of the provinces of Antwerp and Vlaams-Brabant. So nowadays, you have more or less two dominant types of Dutch: Hollandish, spoken more and more in all of the Netherlands, and Flemish (Brabantian), which is getting more and more common all over Flanders. Of course, the reality is still a lot more complicated, but that's roughly the situation.

    Source: inhabitant of Flanders and language enthusiast =)


    wooow I only want to learn Dutch the simple the typical Dutch that is all... ;) don't complex ... alsjeblieft


    I just watched 3 episodes of Salamander (a Belgian crime series, using Flemish) and it was completely subtitled in Dutch which I thought was great. Usually they don't bother with subtitles which sucks for us deafies.


    Good to know, I`ll have a look at it


    What a good idea! I was really looking for something that could help me with my learning in Dutch and finally I found it . I have sent my request to join in on the group, so please do not delay in accepting it.


    I just got accepted - Maybe I can help some others as a Dutch person :)


    how would you like to help?


    You did notice I posted this two months ago right? I'm already helping people on Facebook by correcting their Dutch and posting useful stuff.


    Just discover this website and the facebook page! I am so happy and i just requested to join! Thank you for putting it up!


    Good afternoon. by casuality, some of you have a group the english for learn more. My level is basic. My lenguage Native is Spanish! Thanks to what I can colaborate.


    I want to move to the Netherlands one day and I really need to work on my Dutch to do that – this is an excellent idea! I'll be frequenting the group.


    I wanted to move to the Netherlands too, but the profession I am pursuing, detective, won't work well since they have such a low crime rate over there. Not that that's bad :p


    there's still lots of work for detectives, maybe they would even like your foreign point of view ;) (don't know where you're from) good luck!


    What about the risk of the whole country being flooded by sea-level rise caused by global warming?


    that's what dikes are for, I've been living a few meters below sea level for over 15 years and never had to worry about it


    I lived in the Netherlands for a while. Amazing to see the dikes. You can drive along the top of them. On one side of the car is the ocean a few metres below, and on the other side of the car is the country, way further below than the sea on your right. Thank god for the dikes is all I can say!


    Yes, this is probably the only country that has been dealing with rising sea levels successfully for so long that they can probably help the rest of the world with this problem. Just how much higher can the sea rise though without them having to rework the dikes?


    I've started learning Dutch this year, as a new year resolution and so far I'm really enjoying the language! :) Plus, I'm hoping I can use my new found knowledge when I go to Amsterdam in March! :) So I'm totally going to be joining the group! :)


    Yeah, it is a ton of fun. The only problem I am having is finding a native speaker. I try listening to Nederlands podcasts. It goes so fast I can only catch a few words.


    About this problem you are having with the speed, something I did when I was studying Japanese three years ago (long story) was downloading podcasts to my computer and then converting them to mp3. Once I did that, I edited it with Audacity (under the Effects menu, I can't remember whether it was Change speed or Change tempo... something like that) until I found a speed I felt comfortable with. After that, I'd export the file as mp3 (otherwise it saves it as an .aup file, which wasn't supported by my mp3 player/cellphone) and voilá! Hope this helps someone :)


    If you joined the FB group - There are some native speakers around which are willing to Skype :)


    Really? Well that is great to know. Thank you!


    Sent my request to the group. I'm really enjoying learning Dutch on here, even though I'm only on Level 6, and I haven't got very far (wat jammer!) Can't wait to be a member :)


    Hi guys, super cool!

    I've just sent my request to the FB group. I'm excited of learning Dutch.


    Just requested to join, looks fun! :)


    Hey! So I started to learn Dutch, but the pronounciation doesn't seem quite right, and I don't know if I want to continue... So just a question, is that how you speak, or there's something wrong with Duolingo? Because on YouTube tutorials it's not how it sounds... Btw I like the Duolingo pronounciation too, but I'm not sure if it's correct. :P


    It is indeed the wrong pronunciation, I believe they're working on it :)


    Oh, thanks for letting me know! I really hope they're working on it, 'cause I would love to learn dutch. :(


    You could turn sound off.. not the best solution though. I suggest you listen to Dutch songs, youtube videos, Dutch series, Dutch films and so on :) Dutch top 30: http://www.radionl.fm/top30/ Dutch (children's) tv shows, a lot can be found on Youtube: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lijst_van_kinderprogramma%27s


    Yay, thanks! All I need to know is the pronounciation, and only then I can turn off the sound... I'm learning Dutch on LiveMocha right now. :)


    Hey there! I'd just like to thank you for posting up the Idea of watching Dutch Kids TV clips on YouTube. I've found this very helpful with my pronunciation.I'd previously brought some Dutch film on Dvd, De Dominee,Black Book,Het Bombardement,Winter in Wartime and quite a few Feyenoord season reviews.However I think subtitled Dutch kids tv is about my level at the mo! Dankuwel!!


    Can't wait until we get a new Vrouw Computer, although I'm very fond of her. She was my first love!


    I too have noticed differences in pronunciation. What I do is open this pronouncing dictionary: http://en.bab.la/dictionary/dutch-english/ for any new words. It slows me down, but I can see right away if there is a difference. I am very disheartened, though, to hear that I may have been learning the wrong pronunciation on Duolingo all this time. I thought the differences were regional.


    I don't think it's that much stranger than the odd sounding American computer voice for English. (I'm American but she sounds like ... I'm not sure what.) The Duo voice is correct but ( my Dutch friends say) slightly German.


    I'm glad to hear that the pronunciation is actually correct after all, albeit perhaps slightly accented, and that they are currently working to improve even that! Duolingo is a great resource. Thanks JComer1.


    You're doing Italian as well so you know how much better the new Italian voice is than the first one. The Dutch team is very active and the voice issue has been on their "to do" list for a long time. I am guessing though that this is a something that has to be done back at Duolingo headquarters so that the team might not have as much control over the issue as they'd like.


    Thanks for this! I thought I was going crazy


    I love it! Just sent my request :)


    Great idea! I have just sent a request to join...


    Hallo! Ik ben Sebastian! I just requested to join. I hope to be accepted! I'm learning Dutch for some days now and I love it!

    Tot Ziens!


    I'm casually learning Dutch, but am totally into this idea- this could really be a huge help to so many of us in the community!


    I have requested to join! I'm very excited!


    ik ben learning nederlannds too translation: i am learning dutch too


    hoi ! ❤❤❤ gaat het?


    Thank you for this brilliant idea! I just sent my request to join the fb group and looking forward to get to learn from you all. Bedankt!


    Hallo !!! Welkom en goedenacht !!! I am learning Dutch. it is enjoyable but I should practise it frequently ;) . Yesterday I joined the fb group. Dank je wel :)


    dutch languge too dificult :( now im in netherland im going to school tl learn the languge but i feel that i will never learn it :(


    Just came across this now and put in a join request. I'm eager to see what this group is like :)


    Can I still join?


    i have requested to join this group on facebook. Kindly add me as Milly Ngicho. Bedankt!


    I've requested to join the Facebook group. I'm Erica Parker. See you all there!


    Just started learning Dutch yesterday and love it so far. This is a good idea. Sent my request to be added.


    Wow wat een idee!

    Hebben een Lingot :)


    Isn't there a group for german spanish lerners?


    Thanks! I requested. Just started Dutch today. I have previously learned three other languages, and the Dutch culture really appeals to me.


    I'm IN and Love the Idea!


    Excellent idea.


    Just started learning Dutch (the first language I am learning on Duolingo). Looking forward to talking with all and getting better at Dutch.


    I'm a native Spanish speaker learning Dutch from English, no way of doing it from Spanish. I hope not to become too crazy in the try!


    I would like to have some words translated from English into Dutch if anybody could kindly provide me with assistance it would be much appreciated. Message me directly if possible. Thank you


    Has anyone helped you by now?


    hi Kim . i am a dutch learner. i will travel to Belgium soon specifically to Ghent. can you help me learning it ?


    Has someone a dutch group in Whatsapp? If someone has, add me please.


    This is seriously great


    Good idea! Just found it.


    Ik ben er nu ook! Hartelijk bedankt!


    Hi! I am a native Dutch speaker (from Belgium) and I study Dutch at university. Would it be fine too join and help people who are learning Dutch? :)


    Hi, Kim. Can you help me with Dutch? Where can I find books such as Naar Nederland or De Opmaat in Belgium?


    I'd like help! thanks!!! :) My husband is Belgian but I feel tooooooo embarrassed to try and practise with him, and he's not a very good teacher, he just says I have to try and speak, but he hardly ever speaks Dutch to me. :(


    hi Kim . i am a dutch learner. i will travel to Belgium soon specifically to Ghent. can you help me learning it ?


    Hi, I'm a native Dutch speaker and I have just send in a request to join. I'd like to help people mastering my "difficult" language.


    It is difficult for my little English brain, haha :P Damn only being taught French throughout my life makes it hard :P


    I've been learning French the past year as well and have grown accustomed to the sounds and pronunciation. Now having recently picked up Dutch, it is very interesting and difficult to learn the sounds at this stage! Very fun though :)


    Hi! I'm learning Dutch. Has someone a dutch group in Viber? If someone has, add me please. Did somebody take Basisexamen Inburgering or will take it?


    has anybody noticed that some "r"s are pronouced wrong?


    Great! I just send a request to join the group, great idea :)


    Wow, good idea, I'd like to join the grou, it' an occasion to practize or simply to find new friends...don't know.... :-)


    Oh thank goodness! I'm all for weekly exercises, polls, etc. Whatever helps to learn and retain the acquired knowledge. Not to mention easier to interact with others for more real life discussions.


    Hallo. I am byrobo20 and am a Canadian. I am really enjoying learnng Dutch and would welcome any conversations with other Dutch speaking people. I find my reading comprehension of dutch is getting better but my conversation is slecht. Hope to hear from some fellow students soon.


    hi just started 2 days ago and i love it


    Hey :) I was wondering if I could join the group, even though my primary language of focus is German and not Dutch. I've had an interest in Dutch for over a year (my ex was Dutch) and have learned bits and pieces from various sources, so I know a little more than my profile says. I would be happy to learn more with you guys; you seem nice! :)


    Just send a request!


    Greetings everyone! Brand new Dutch learner here. I started with German and have moved a bit more to Dutch recently since I am currently planning to go to grad school in the Netherlands. How prevalent is Dutch in the Netherlands? I know everyone learns English there in school but I am assuming that learning Dutch will make my life significantly easier when over there, correct? Is Dutch still used regularly in conversation, businesses, and most daily applications? Thanks!


    Welcome to the Dutch course :)

    Dutch is our national language and therefore everywhere.

    We only use English in international contexts, so when there are non-native speakers around (so this is at universities, at certain companies, in tourist professions, on line, etcetera). I'd hate to see the lingua franca that is English replace our own language in general conversation...

    Not every Dutch speaker is proficient in English and as a graduate student you will, for instance, come into contact with the municipality and you are likely to open a Dutch bank account. The letters you will receive will be in English and even at the municipality of Amsterdam there are employees who do not speak English (well or at all). English translations are available for most things and people will be able to translate for you, but our language, our conversations and our way of doing business is in our own language, as is the case in Germany and Scandinavia and many other European countries I'm sure.

    Short answer: Yes.


    Thanks so much! I'm very happy that websites tend to have an English version as well as it allows me to get general info and make it over there in the first place. Glad to hear that not every Dutch speaker is proficient in English and it is very necessary to speak Dutch. I appreciate the long answer as you've given me a much better idea of life in the Netherlands. Thanks!


    Thankyou! For the Diskussion!


    hallo. I'm a new user of duolingo. I've been learning dutch for a week now, so far i enjoy it a lot. I hope I can join your group. Goedendag en bedankt!


    Can you give me a lingot please


    Hello! Is there anybody here who speaks French wants to learn Dutch and lives in Amsterdam? Would be nice to meet up and learn from each other!


    Hi I am oliver and i am learning dutch for the last 3 month on Duolingo and it is most exciting for me. I would like to join the grop


    Can you give me a lingot


    This is a great idea ! Dat is een veel goed ideee ! I hope to find a native to practice speaking with ! Bedankt en tot ziens !!


    This is a great idea! I'm not very far into Dutch, but I'm relearning it quite quickly (I lived in the Netherlands for a year in 2nd grade and I'm planning on living there for another year in high school), so I guess I'll see you guys there :)


    Wow, 6692 members... impressive. I've now requested to join.


    Do you want to give me a lingot


    Finally decided to take this seriously! Hope I can keep up.


    Thank you, just requested to join :)


    I have to say I prefer the Netherlands


    er stond in het Engels "good night" bij welterusten klopt dat wel? Want welterusten zeg je toch wanneer je gaat slapen.


    Welterusten is a phrase that is basically us wishing you a good night's sleep or rest.

    A more direct translation would be 'sleep well'. If you wish someone a good evening, and they are not going to bed, or you are leaving in the evening, you can say "Fijne avond" instead. For all instances where 'good night' is used to wish someone a good night's rest, you may use 'welterusten'.



    I thought one or two persons may find this interesting. It features the names of Jane Austen's book translated. An attempted read should be fun.


    Hoi! I've just started on the Dutch course a week, or so, ago and I've applied to join this Facebook group. :)


    So glad there's a group. I have a friend who lives in the Netherlands, but I'd like for him to not be the only one I bother with learning when I'm only a week in. Bedankt!


    hoi!! i have requested to join the group. hopefullly i can learn a lot and faster... Bedankt


    Dank u wel! Very excited to talk to people that will help me learn. :)


    Hey! I really would like to join in your group to learn Dutch. I've been in Belgium and I needed to learn the basic of dutch and I think isn't so difficult like it seemed.


    I wish the Spanish Learners would have a facebook group too.


    Hi All, just started this exercise, Like this program very much


    As I progress in learning, it's beginning to get very annoying that duolingo is choosing the sentences that no one will probably use in real life. It might be funny at the beginning, but now it's getting on my nerves. A very good exercise is try and guess the meaning in Dutch without immediately turning to translation. But because of the absurd and out-of-context sentences it's almost impossible. I've tried listening exercises from LeespuntNL for level A2 and understood almost everything, and now returning to Duolingo the method seems ineffective.


    Hoi! Ik ben een Amerikaanse die in Nederland woont drie jaar. Ik leer nederlands langzaam en hebben anderen nodig om mee te praten!


    Hallo bedankt doei i want every thing in dutch but i can still because i don't have enough words in order i can speak but i 'm happy with a words that i have learn from duolingo and i expecte to learn more dank je well for al tot ziens and obviously bedankt to my God JEHOVA for let me learn dutch


    Hello i have just started learning dutch and wondered if i could join?


    I am learing Dutch and I live in the Netherlands. My friends report that the accent is wrong and the person speak like a someone from Belgium


    hi, sorry, i have one question. Why i didn't get my trophy at the end of the course like in italian course?


    i have sent a request to join the FB group. Wat een gezzellig idee!


    Hi! I just started learning Dutch and I'd like to know if there's any Dutch song/book recommendations to help me improve my comprehension in Dutch. Thank you in advance :)


    Elke dag lees ik boeken van de basis school. Eerst les ik boeken van Niveau 5 en dan 6, 7 en 8 and nu lees ik boeken van niveau negen.. De naam van het boek dat ik lees nu is "Het oerlanderboek" De schrijfster is Leonie Kooiker. Ik koop mijn boeken van www.bol.com.


    so.. i conclude that you recommend het oerlanderboek by leonie kooiker, thank you so much!!


    Hallo every one there i like to be your friends bye doei..!!!


    Ja! Ik denk dit is een hele goed idee! Het zal een gemeenschap voor alle de studenten van Nederlands zijn, en een plaats voor zeel vrienden gemakt! Maar, niet Nederlands alleen - dit muss je doe voor alle talen op DuoLingo! :-)

    Yes! I think this is a very good idea! It will be a community for all the Dutch students, and a place to make a lot of friends. But, not just Dutch - you have to do this for every language on DuoLingo! :-)


    Perhaps the too aged candidate of your school. My children r setteled in The Netherlands. So I have to learn the language.The entire Team of DUOLINGO to be a diamond really to be appreciated for their faithfull work and their patience is commendable . Love U Duolingo. I am still learning and will try my best to the dreams of my Dutch teachers DANK U


    please is there any german facebook group? please help!


    Hey :) I am Australian and speak english and I really want to learn dutch :) I shall like your facebook page


    Hoi! I've recently started the Duolingo Dutch programme, so really I'm a novice! I've put in a request to join your Facebook page in the hope that any Dutch input will help me to progress. Any advice for newbies learning the language would be great as there is absolutely nowhere I can practice where I live. I'm hoping to be able to hold conversations in Dutch and maybe read novels too. High hopes!


    Hallo! I'm Teresa, from Aus. I'm learning Dutch atm and am very excited to find this conversation. I'll be on it listening and hopefully participating (I'm pretty basic at the moment). Exciting times!


    man this is what i've been looking for


    Great course but when I click to go on line to study Dutch some more I get taken to Spanish instead. I'm also enrolled in Spanish and German but want to learn all three. Help.


    This group is great, funny and also educational


    i need to practice before seeing my friends after moving away


    dankjevel voor dis leuke speel


    hii i am dutch so if any of you need some help i would love to help you! :) and if you are swedish and you are learning dutch than maybe we can help each other because i'm learning swedish :)


    Hello, I am not doing the course about the future tense. I am a bit confused about the tense and the transaction. Zij zal de boek hebben gebracht, is translated as she will have brought the book. It sounds weird in English and in Dutch( my boyfriend said he would never use this and he is Dutch). Can someone give me their thoughts on this?


    if you write : <zij zal HET boek hebben gebracht> is your sentence OK


    Hoi :) Ik ben aan het spreken Nederlands taal, ik kom uit Ecuador, mijn engels is niet goed alleen ik spreek Spaans en soms Nederlands :( .. Ik probeer om deze talen te begrijpen, fijne weekend allemaal.


    Hallo, ik heek Ricardo en ik kom uit Argentina. I spreek Engels en Spaans. Ik houd van Nederlands.... so that's why I'd like to join this group so I can improve my learning process :)


    I've just seen this post now. I just added myself to the group there, so please can someone approve my request?


    ...like it! We'll see if it can help somehow .-)


    Ik ben newbie. I would like to learn Dutch here...I just sent a request to join :)


    want to join your group


    Goeiedag! Vorige jaar ben ik erasmus student in Antwerpen geweest en nu wil ik mijn Nederlands practiceeren :) Mag je me toevoegen in fb? Bedankt

    Hi there! Last year I was studying in Antwerp on erasmus, I would really like to join you guys, learn Dutch and practice it when I have the time to. Could you guys add me on the fb group? Thank you, have a nice day.


    En het is bijna terug tijd voor de Sint! :)

    Hoi, ik ben van Antwerpen en ongeveer 1 maand lid van de DL community. Zonet heb ik een toetredingsaanvraag gestuurd voor de FB groep. Uiteraard wil ik wel eens meehelpen met een frisse kijk of extra (basis) informatie. Veel plezier!!

    Hey, I'm from Antwerp en about 1 month a DL member. I just send a FB request to join the group. Off course I'd love to help with a fresh view and extra (basic) information. Have Fun!!


    is dit een nieuwe groep?


    Hi! Perfect! I live in Maastricht since July, and I really would like to learn dutch. It could be nice to practice when I go to the supermarket, bus, shops, or for greeting my dutch colleagues at work


    Hi, ik ben Ayu uit Indonesië :) I just send the request to join this group on facebook so happy having many friends to learning Dutch language :D Dankje


    Hello Iam not so sure about writing a assignment in Dutch as I am on 21 days on Duolingo and most that I know is animals and clothes:)


    Good article! Thanks for your kind help.


    If I join the group, would it be possible to leave at any time if I wanted to, or are you permanently in it?


    Yes, you can leave any time. It's really up to you.


    Hello i am alex from greece. I also speak already dutch but because of some reasons i had to leave from the netherlands and that had a disantvantage of forgeting the language. Tis is why i've decided to enjoy the team in order to speak and to do some exerscise in order to remember some words again. My girlfriend has decided to follow on this way of learning because we are thinking to move back sometime. That's all :)


    Do I need to say I want to join here on this post? Or do I just send a request?


    Just send a request.


    Look for Dutch learners club code 8Z2HJ6 in your Duolingo iOS / Android app. (Note: there is no affiliation between the Facebook group and the club)


    Abboneer op Gerbiebor! Je kan dit kanaal vinden op Youtube


    THIS IS SAD! not lol! JK!


    goede morgen aan alle, mijn naam is Robert ik ben nieuw op dit face book en wil graag andere Nederlandse studenten voor gesprekken te voldoen


    Hallo, Ik ben Gustavo, alles goed?? I lived in the netherlands for awhile and I love Noord Brabant. So, if you want talk dutch or just to know where Noord Brabant feel free to come and say!!!! =) Doeiiii !


    Hey guys,

    I am new to Duolingo and decided to learn Dutch ( niet zo gemakelijk ! ) If there is anyone willing to converse, even in French, English or Spanish, please don't hesitate. I will try to post as much as possible. Greetings my Duolingers !



    im a pure dutch girl, i was born there and I'm fluent in dutch please add me to the group


    Hello bisou18! I would like to see if I can get your help, especially if you're Dutch. Please let me know if you'd be willing to help me. I can understand more or less but cannot really talk that much & I have friends in Holland with whom I would love to talk to.


    Hi sorry for my english in advance So i search in all the internet ( was fast) but i can't seems to find a website where i can learn former dutch (the one they actually speak in suriname) Anyway i just start to learn dutch hope i'll have time to learn in propelly

    Ps: I'm consider myself as Surinamese (my parents are !) But i'm french from french guiana currently living in french i'm my childhood i use to spend almost all my summer in suriname and continue to do so , so it will be a plus if i know some duthc


    ich heise amer und ich bin 7 jare ald¨!


    German? Dit is geen Duitstalig study! :)


    Hello guys, I already asked to join the group like 3 days ago, and I haven't gotten any answer yet, could you please accept me? I must learn dutch haha


    ¿Qué idioma quieres aprender?

    [deactivated user]

      are there any native dutch speakers who knows the language lower german (plattdüütsch)? i'm really interested in how well dutch and lower german speakers can talk to each other. i am learning both and i think it's very similar. i live in bavaria that's why i can't ask someone who talks lower german. lower german is just spoken in the northern part of germany.


      I've often wondered about the link, myself. Here's an interesting post on the German Stack Exchange forum:


      [deactivated user]

        my grandparents spoke it but i'm not because i grew up in bavaria. It isn't a dialect but an own language. it is much more similar to dutch than to german that's why i'm interested in how well dutch speakers and lower german speakers can understand each other. you can understand a lot as a german speaker but not everything.


        I'm also learning Dutch and would also like to learn German. It's more difficult than Dutch to me. Maybe I could learn lower German first before attempting to learn German. Can I do that on the internet? Dankjewel!

        [deactivated user]

          I don't think that there are any English internet pages where you can learn it. All the pages I know are in German. That language isn't very popular.


          Thanks for your reply. I think I'll get well into Dutch before trying German. It get confused between the two. When I must type mijn in the Dutch course I type mein. Dutch looks like it's some simpler sister of German. One German guy on Google + told me that Dutch is a dialect of German. What's your opinion on that?


          dutch is a german language, but not a dialect. compared with german, you might call it worn-out german, no cases etc but DE and HET are difficult, no rules, you just have to know its, but much easier when you know german


          Yes in Afrikaans we just use "die" for everything. Die kat, die land, die alles. Goede dag

          [deactivated user]

            No definitely not. Bavarian or Saxon are German dialects but Dutch is defnitely an own language. The Dutch people have a variety of Dialects themselves. And I'm not sure if Dutch is really easier than German. I think it's easier for you because you can speak English and Dutch has more similarities with English than German has with English.


            Most interesting information! I'm actually Afrikaans speaking. Dutch is like a dress and Afrikaans is like a mini skirt version of Dutch. I feel cheated, now I'm trying to learn Dutch. Nice chatting with you. Gute Nacht.


            They say that the difference between a dialect and a language is that a dialect doesn't own an army.

            Dutch is a Franconian dialect, and standard German a Thuringian dialect, both of which branched from a common west Germanic ancestor. But standard German has also undergone the so-called "High German Consonant Shift" which gives the Dutch a deur and the Germans a Tür, or the Friesians a panne, but the Germans a Pfanne.

            But some dialects known as German are probably closer to a consonant-shifted Franconian than to Thuringian, just because of being neighbours.

            I think that German and Dutch are both difficult for an English speaker, but in different ways. Dutch has a simpler grammar, but some aspects of its syntax and sounds are bewildering, whereas German has more straightforward sounds for an English speaker (apart from the uvular r and the ach/ich Laut) but a more complicated grammar.


            I'm South African, myself, so I have an elementary proficiency in Afrikaans. This is one of the reasons behind me wanting to learn Dutch (make sure that little Afrikaans knowledge I have isn't gone to waste!).


            I see your much further in the Dutch course than me. I keep on forgetting things like when to use "het" en when to use "de" and stuff like that. We should correspond to sharpen our Dutch skills. Type one or sentences in Dutch and I'll try to respond in Dutch too. English makes one lazy.


            Goede Middag Ik voelen net als je, Nederlands ben heel veel moeiliker dan Afrikaans. Heb te snel door de basiese lesse gegaan. Ik heb je boodskap in mijn epos gekregen maar zien het niet op deze duolingo webwerf. Weten niet wat verkeerd is gelopen. Voel vrij om te schrijven. Nederlands is zo langdradig voor mij, byvoorbeeld Afrikaans "skryf" en Nederlands "schrijven". Ik heb de moeilijke taal egter heel veel lief en zal door drukken. Dat is grappig, ik was bezig met een les en daar staat doen "Ik houdt van jouw", ik tik toe snel "I like you", verkeerd! Moet love wezen, maar in Afrikaans ben hou van jou, I like you. Ik weet niet hoeveel van dat boodskap recht Nederlands is. Doei!


            Goede dag mijnheer Naido, dankt u wel voor uw leuke bericht. Ja dat is wat verwarrend! In Afrikaans kan boodskap net message betekenen terwijl in het Nederlands dat een errand kan betekenen. Soos ik gaan boodschappen doen, beteken ek gaan winkel toe om kruideniersware te kopen. U tip over Memrise het ik heel behulpzaam gevonden, heel goede aanvulling tot Duolingo. Ik ben verschrikkelijk verward over of men alsjeblieft, een woord of twee moet wezen. Wat denk uw? Ik heb laastens op een website gelezen dat men slechts "lekker" gebruiken as men na voedsel verwijzen. Ik heb wel een bericht gelezen in De Algemeen Dagblad genaamd "Riool overstromen in Nieuw-Lekkerland." Dat can u nagaat op Google Kaarten. Zo men kan ook na een plaats verwijzen als lekker? Uw terugvoering word zeer waarderen! By voorbaat dankt Fritz


            Agreed. It's still pretty confusing - I've reader a few articles on when to use het and de (http://www.taalthuis.com/theory/about-de-and-het/), but it doesn't want to stick and just doesn't come naturally. It's probably because of the English and Afrikaans that's baked in in the background.

            Might I also suggest another fun app that helps when it comes to learning Dutch - It's called Memrise - similar to Duolingo but with different learning methods.

            Hoi! ❤❤❤ gaat het? Alles goed? Ik ben blij om een andere persoon van Zuid Afrika te ontmoeten.


            Hallo! Ja, Nederlands is moeilijker maar de fundament heel soortgelijk is. Ik voelde me zich dwaas wanneer ik jou sin gelezen: "Ik heb je boodskap in mijn epos gekregen maar zien het niet op deze duolingo webwerf" want ik heb geleerd "message" = "bericht" en "email" is hetzelfde. Bedankt voor de les! Ja, ik heb dit gezien - De Duolingo webwerf is niet de beste. Sommige talen zijn niet op de webwerf, maar op de app sta. ik heb afrikaans vaak gemis - het is zeker de korte route: "een" vs "'n", "mijn" vs. mij", "lees" vs. "lezen" etc. Dit is mijn eerste gesprek in nederlands! Dankjewel, meneer. Veel plezier! Dag!


            Hoi, Mnr. FritzvanRo! Het spijt me - Ik had dit bericht in de nacht geleest, en in de morgen ik me dit vergeet. Haha "Boodskap" vs. "boodschappen" - Gemakkelijke fout! Graag gedaan. Er zijn veel methoden met Memrise om een ​​taal te leren, niet net alleen een. Ja, ik zeg "lekker" veel keer per dag - Het is een naturlijke stuk van onse woordenschat voor zuidafrikaanse mensen. ik denk in Nederlands, "lekker" en "heerlijk" hetzelfde is. Maar, ik had op deze website gelezen dat het een algemeen woord is: https://dutchreview.com/culture/movies/speak-dutch-seven-words-less/ Misschien zijn het gebruik en de context belangrijk. Zeker een leuke taal! Bedankt voor de correspondentie! Doei! :)


            Goed ontmoet. Ja heerlijk het meer met eten te maken, terwijl lekker na verschillende dingen kan verwijs. Dank je voor de tip van Memrise, de enigste probleem is dat ik nu een kurses genaamd "Understanding Investing" samen met het Nederlands nemen. Ik onthouden dat vervelend termen en vergeten Nederlands, vooral de grammatica. Ik wens ik kon een ad-on soos Grammarly voor Nederlands krijgen maar het werken net voor Engels. Ik heb geen hulp nodig met dat Germaans/Latijn creool taal, wel met Nederlands. Lekker res van die naweek.


            The idea of bringing such amazing tool as Duolingo to a more social and interactive network like Facebook makes me so happy :). I hope you do make the writing prompt, and when I'm capable of doing it I'll surely be participating, for I'm really new to dutch right now.

            Thank you for all you do.


            Hi everyone! My family and I are moving to Nederlands soon, so we started to learning dutch and practicing our english, we didn't know how difficult dutch was. Hope this group can help us to learn the language well.


            Beste wensen voor jou! Haven't been there myself but know some of their food. All very nice food, just keep of the funny grass in that country and you'll be fine. Goede reis!


            ❤❤❤ gaat het? What's the easiest for you Dutch or Spanish? Tot straks!


            Hii I am new here I want learn Dutch and i dont know nothing of the language so for me is sooo new. Well would be cool if something can help me in this. Btw i speak Spanish :D


            Go slowly through the basics and the rest would be easier. When I try to climb this Dutch tree to fast I keep falling out of it. All the best to you and don't be afraid to ask questions, I don't know much, but I know people on Duolingo who know more than I.


            hi i am a dutch learner and i love the idea. i hope we can make a chat group also to talk in dutch . i think that will be fun :D


            Wat lekker, klets in Nederlands.


            hi there, i am new here firt time i see, so i would like to join these groups i want to learn dutch sow how i can join it, thankz


            Just chat away like you already did with your post or you can go to discussions and start your own thread by clicking "New Discussion".


            Hallo allemaal! Ik heet Elina, ik kom uit griekenland. Mijn man is een nederlander dus ik begin studieren nederlands. Duolingo is heel leuk, veel nuttig.


            Hartelijk welkom! Alle success toegewens.


            It would be awesome. Conga & Goodluck Guys :-)


            Hallo, just joined! Just 3 years late haha

            [deactivated user]

              Ich mag das

              [deactivated user]

                Thank you so much for starting this group. Your support is much needed and appreciated.


                Thanks! I requested to join - can someone please approve my request? :)


                I joined the group! Seems pretty cool! I wonder if there is a similar group for German?


                I joined yesterday, and I LOVE it. I'm trying out 4 of the languages: French because the kids will probably learn it at school, and this website seems to make it so easy, I've always been intimidated by French, with so many silent letters. Italian because I already love it, got straight A's at university, so to dust off my skills there. Dutch because, I did live there for a year a long time ago, and I admit I was just lazy to learn, being an English-speaker, and most people there speak English well enough that I got away with that! So I've always wanted to learn it better. And Japanese just because that country generally fascinates me, but I'm really focusing on the first 3 languages.



                I sent a request to join the Facebook group, but my request has yet to be approved! I'd love to have the opportunity to practice my (rudimentary as of now) Dutch! I'd appreciate your consideration of the pending requests.



                Ik spreek Nederlands


                Hey, Dutch learners! Are you bored while learning with Duo? Me too! Join ''Sharks of the Dutch'' Club on Duolingo! I promise will try to make your process of learning more interesting and interactive! Use this code to join: KJES4G


                Hey, I'm dutch is there anyone from france here who's learning dutch and want to practise by chatting with me. Because I want to practice my French and I'm looking for someone to chat with in French. We could help eachother!


                I just sent a request from Brent


                Hi, don't know if you still check comments, but is this still a thing?


                Hey Dutch learners! I created an instagram page to help you guys learn Dutch, it's full of handy examples and conversations! Feel free to follow our become a member of our facebook team!

                INSTAGRAM: @learndutchoffcial https://www.instagram.com/learndutchofficial/ FACEBOOK: Learn Dutch https://www.facebook.com/groups/351461228828900/


                Why did clubs get stopped on duolingo?


                I don't know for sure, but I suppose it must have to do with server space. Don't forget that Duolingo is providing us with an amazing service for free. Servers cost money, so....


                Really nice. Thank you!


                hey join please it is a whatsapp dutch-english exchanging group for more details https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/32791899 to join https://chat.whatsapp.com/EkT1yoi7AGaGsGmpG132uY


                I ask you to be kind I just for the first time make contact with you stop sending me junk mail every 5 minutes


                You need to change your notification settings and unfollow all the discussions you're following. That's how you'll stop getting emails from Duolingo.


                Hello, I'm new at learning Dutch!


                We can spak French, German or Dutch ?


                I want to visit or travel to Amsterdam and get more familiar with the language..this is great!!!! Dank je wel!!!


                Hoi Allemaal! :) I've been trying to learn Dutch with Duolingo over a year now and i'm not making much progress :( I've been to the Netherlands many times since 2010, i have so many Dutch friends! But i'm failing and not making any progress. I just joined the facebook group and is pending. Any ideas for help, advice or suggestions i would be greateful! Dank je! ^_^


                Consistency is the key.

                You could also check whether there are any Dutch Duolingo Events in your city.


                I do miss my old Dutch club in app and this has been a nice substitute!


                Thanks it is quite useful and it is a nice community!


                Canwe speek Dutch or Indonesian ?

                Learn Dutch in just 5 minutes a day. For free.