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How to stop Facebook from re-connecting? EDIT: Resolved

Every day I "disconnect" my Facebook profile from DuoLingo (under settings), save, and every day it reconnects. I should clarify that it magically reconnects the two accounts whenever I do a lesson or other type of activity.

How can I make this stop? This is a big problem for me (especially as I cannot control who follows me), and soon is going to make me want to stop using DuoLingo!

I have tried permanently disconnecting the account in three browsers and followed some other users tips about disabling extensions. Neither of these strategies worked.

UPDATE: I think I have this fixed now. Another user pointed out in a different thread that there is no option to save your changes after you disconnect the facebook account. But if you make any change to any of the other profile categories (name, location, etc.) you can save it. So I disconnected the accounts, made one of the other changes, and saved. And now I think it might have worked!

December 5, 2014



I disconnected before I started my daily practice and now it is reconnected again. Frustrating.

[deactivated user]

    Moving this to the Troubleshooting section will get more attention from the staff.


    Great, thank you!


    Glad you figured out how to disconnect it. Nothing was working for me but I have Ghostery and AdBlock installed, once I disabled those the disconnect button was usable and I didn't even have to do the profile edit trick.


    I noticed that the "Disconnect" option wasn't working, and I also saw that the "Save Changes" button wasn't activated (on the upper right corner of that same page) when I tried disconnecting from Facebook. So what I did was type something in one of the fields, so that the "save Changes" button was activated. This will save all your changes, including disconnecting from Facebook.

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