"They come from Sweden."

Translation:De kommer från Sverige.

December 5, 2014

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Why wasn't dom accepted here as well as de?


It is a more colloquial spelling. Leave it up to the moderators if it should be accepted or not. But it is good to learn the distinction since both the subject form ”de” and the object form ”dem” are pronounced ”dom” but generally distinguished in writing.


dom should be accepted everywhere, so feel free to report it where it's missing. However I agree with Lundgren8, it's best to learn the difference between de and dem, and it's not that hard if you already know English.


Strange, I checked it and dom should already be accepted. The sentence was last changed 6 days ago.


Okay, I wasn't thinking about that. Now, I am thinking about that, and other grammar rules that I may want to rethink.


What is the difference between 'från' and 'ifrån'

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