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"Jag delar med mig av det jag har."

Translation:I share what I have.

December 5, 2014



I do not understand this sentence at all. Can someone break it down for me?


The verb is dela med sig which literally means split/share with oneself but it means ”to share” and all three components make up the verb. The thing that you share is constructed with the preposition ”av” (of), so for example.

  • Jag delar med mig av kakan. (I share the cake.)

”Det jag har” is here a relative clause and you can think of it as ”det som jag har” (that which I have), but the relative pronoun ”which” is left out here, just as it commonly is in English ”The house [which/that] Jack built”.

This leaves us with:

  • [Jag delar med mig av] + [det (som) jag har] = [I share] + [that (which) I have]

Or in better English: I share what I have.


Thank you for this and all of your other helpful explanations!


Ok, not sure if I got his right; so if I wanted to say "I share what I have with you and her", would it be "[Jag delar med mig av] + [det jag har] + [med dig och henne]"? Tack för förklaringen.


Yes, that’s perfect!


Is it also possible, in this case, to say just: "Jag delar det (som) jag har med dig och henne" ? Tack så mycket för hjälpen !


Yeah, that means ’I split what I have with you and her’ but it sounds idiomatic in Swedish.


Thank you very much for your explanation. I was completely baffled.

[deactivated user]

    Seems confusing. What is the difference between "Vi delar" and "Vi delar med oss"? Google translates sentence like "We share everything" to "Vi delar allt". So in what cases would we use that additional "med oss"? Tack


    dela med is something that's done from one party to another, while just dela is to share, split, or divide in a more general sense.

    For a phrase such as vi delar allt, that's two or more people dividing amongst themselves. But for vi delar med oss av allt, that's two or more people sharing everything with other people.

    [deactivated user]

      I understand the rule. Still it seems confusing when I try to make some examples.

      How would you say "I share what I have with her"? Is it "Jag delar med mig av det jag har med henne"?

      What if I put an object in between, something like "I share my money with her"? Would that be "Jag delar med mig av mina pengar med henne"?

      I really want to understand this one, so thanks for your time.


      Jag delar med mig av vad jag har till henne, yes, so I think you have the right idea. Same for the other one, you'd use till, but you're thinking correctly.


      So the phrase Jag delar med mig is something like I share myself (without the help of others)?


      I suppose, in a sense, yes. To be honest, I don't think the phrase is very sensible - I file it under "just the way it is" mentally.


      What if I wanted to specify whom I'm sharing with? Would it be correct to say "Jag delar med mig med dig"? This looks pretty funky...


      Then you’d rather say Jag delade kakan med henne I think.


      Tack! So, in this case, would I say Jag delar av det jag har med dig...?


      Yeah, that sounds perfect! Have a lingot!


      Could I say "Jag delar med dig av det jag har"?


      No, dela med sig is a reflexive verb. The sig has to be modified after the subject: jag delar med mig, du delar med dig, han delar med sig etc.


      Why can you say what he said? I don't get it.


      Same question here. I've seen sentences with "Jag delar me dig..." to say I share with you. Very confusing


      So usefull!!! Thank you!!!


      I'm still a bit confused between "delar" and "delar med sig". I understand that literally, att dela is to split and att dela med sig is to share, and I get that that's just how the verb is constructed. I'm just trying to understand when to use each. There was another sentence somewhere here, "ni delar ett rum", I think. Could you say in that case "ni delar med er ett rum", or would that mean that "you guys are sharing your room (with some other unnamed 3rd party)"? So if you're sharing with someone specific, you would use "delar" and if it's just sharing in general, it's delar med sig? Or am I totally off the mark here? HJÄLP MIG :'(


      Great question, now i want to know the answer myself!


      Didn't see this until now, but you can only dela med dig av what you have. So if you're sharing an hotel room, you would use just dela, but dela med sig av is acceptable for sharing your own room with somebody else.

      Broadly speaking, dela med sig av is also better for objects you can actually give away, so you might still want to use just dela even if it's your own room - it depends a little. :)


      This is a tricky sentence, and took a while to break it down!


      At this point in the course, I feel like only a fraction of people who've started, end up staying this long, and the rest of us are in it for the long haul.

      Vi är alla i det här sak tillsammans nu!


      Maybe more a flaw in my english, but is "i share from what i have" not equivalent? The "av det jag har" makes me think the guy is not sharing all he has, but some of what he has.


      Jag delar vad jag har. Is this correct?


      No, as was explained in an earlier answer, to say "share" the proper construction is "delar med sig" or in this circumstance "delar med mig". "Delar" itself does not mean to share, but would mean something more like you are cutting up what you have, not for the purpose of giving it to anyone else.


      Usually, Swedish is a very economical language. Then you get to this lesson. So many words!

      My guess was "I share with myself what I have." LOL


      Would not it be better as: "I share THAT I have" ? ( excuse me, I am not a native englishman)


      No, sorry - you can say "that which" or "what" in English, but just "that" doesn't work here.


      This is the strangest sentence I have ever gotten so far. Not sure how to remember this one lol. Also can an admin please fix the issue with the sentence The secretary explains how the computer functions. The practice has no right answer so I have had to quit a few times its really annoying when I have spent 10 minutes studying and just have to quit and start over.


      Well, share here is a three-part reflexive verb in Swedish - dela med sig.

      So really, the sentence says "I share of what I have", it's just that you need an additional "with me" in Swedish.

      As for the other question, I suggest putting it as a thread in the Swedish forums, not as a comment on a random sentence where it likely won't be seen.


      How would the sentence be then if it was I share with you ?


      dig instead of mig. :) Though e.g. jag delar vad jag har med dig would be more idiomatic.


      I managed to guess the right answer, but im confused as to why its not "...av det som jag har". Does it work with "som" there too?


      You can say av det jag har, av vad jag har, av det som jag har.

      It's a bit like how in English, you can say either "... of what I have" or "... of that, which I have." But a little more flexible. :)


      Not "I share of what I have?"


      I understand the whole meaning behind it, but struggle to find the reason behind why it's "mig" and not "dig"?

      Could someone give examples of when another reflective pronoun would be used with this?


      Is it wrong to say "jag delar vad jag har" ?

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