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  5. "He is not like he seems."

"He is not like he seems."

Translation:Hij is niet zoals hij lijkt.

December 5, 2014



Should "Hij is niet als hij lijkt" also be accepted?


"Als" is "as" with another word, e.g. even ... als, zo ... als otherwise its "if". So, put "als" together with another word and you get an "as" that can stand on its own - zoals, evenals.


Dank je wel :)


I see alot of people approve of your comment. I am trying to understand what you are saying here. I think it would be very helpful for me to learn what you mean. Could you please explain it again so I might catch your meaning? I cannot quite figure out the meaning even though I speak english. Maybe you are saying, "Als" means "as" whenever it is seen with other words, and if not, then if simply means "if". I do not understand the examples. The conclusion you suggest is that "zoals" means even if...? Please explain more because I think I am close to understanding? Thank you for your time.


why is 'net zoals' not correct? in which cases do you use 'net'?


Net zoals means just like


Is this a subordinating clause?


This translation sounds so weird to me ! Shouldn't it be "He is not like WHAT he seems" ?


Hij is niet zoals hij schijnt?

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