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Please go and find words that have to do with Christmas, put them in Swedish, and post them here! Or, if you know a phrase about Christmas in swedish, post that too! (From what you have learned, or gotten from somewhere else.) GOD JUL!!!!!

December 6, 2014




For a whole lot of Swedish Christmas spirit, I wholeheartedly recommend the animated short film Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton (literally The Tale of Karl-Bertil Jonsson's Christmas Eve, but there's an English dubbing titled Christopher's Christmas Mission). It has been broadcast on Swedish TV every Christmas since 1975. Watching it on Christmas Eve (and only on that particular day!) is a Very Important part of the Christmas celebrations for many Swedes.

Funny, satirical, political, and sweet - it's based on a short story by legendary writer/actor/comedian Tage Danielsson, who also does the narration. You can watch it online, although ideally you should wait until December 24 (7 pm UTC/GMT+1 for the purist):

(23 minutes)


Jultomten= Santa Claus :)

Nisse= elf : In Stockholm, NK-Nordiska Kompaniet- decorates their store windows for Christmas every year and it's a big deal and really cool to look at. This year's display has a window with elves, and they've named them all sorts of different names! They've got "Nisse Java" who makes the fika (he's shaped like a coffee pot it's so cute) and all sorts of others! Not sure if you can find pictures online, but if you happen to be in the Stockholm area this Christmas I recommend walking by :)

EDIT: added a couple pics I took :)

Alt text

Alt text

Alt text


I went by this display too! I was rather fond of Nisse Gottberg, especially in the window where he had a hamburger phone.

Is a nisse and a tomte the same thing or is there some difference?


Tomten har tomtenissar som hjälper till i verkstaden och med renarna. The Santa has elves that work in the workshop and with his reindeer.


God jul! (Merry Christmas!)


Julbock = Yule goat/ram

During christmas the horned one is worshipped in Sweden.


http://satwcomic.com/christmas-traditions (okay it is probably not the best representation....)


I spent one Christmas in Sweden and I LOVED it. Everything was lovely, I would like to spend another Christmas there :) besides the words you mention connected to Christmas time I can add some others that for me are very representative: Kalle Anka (Donad Duck), Julmust (a soft drink), and Glögg (mulled wine) , this last one my favourite. I even searched for recipes in the Internet so to be able to prepare it at home, it is very strange for us in my country (Argentina), to drink hot wine, but more than half of those who tried it, loved it, maybe not as much as I do ;) GOD JUL!! <3


julmust och glögg <3 <3 <3 jag älskar dem!!!


Adventsljusstake: Advent candelabra, can be with four real candles, one more being lit for every Sunday of Advent, or an electrical one with 7 lights that is placed in windows from Advent to Christmas together with Advent stars and other lights. http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventsljusstake

Lucia: Celebrated the 13th of December with a Lucia parade of young people dressed in white carrying candles, or as santas or ginger breads, lead by a girl with a crown of candles (called lucia) and singing special Lucia songs. For many Swedes, this is the first day you are allowed to start eating the special pastries with saffron. The practise is older than Christianity in Sweden, but carries the name of the catholic saint Lucia. Some of the wonderful choir songs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MLycexat2xk If you are lucky, tomorrows televised luciafirande will be streamable from here: http://www.svt.se/lucia/

Video in English about Lucia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgxZS4mWSrw


Pepparkakor = Gingerbread cookies

Pepparkakshus = Gingerbread house

Pepparkaksgubbe = Gingerbread man

Pepparkaksgumma = Gingerbread woman

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