"Dit is niet het oostelijk, maar het zuidelijk halfrond."

Translation:This is not the eastern, but the southern hemisphere.

December 6, 2014


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I didn't know there were more types of hemispheres than just northern and southern! Now I feel stupid, haha. Or was that an error?

December 17, 2014


Sure, you can split a sphere in quarters! Both sides of the equator as well as both sides of the prime meridian, which runs through Greenwich, UK. This sentence doesn't make a lot of sense though, since you can be in the southern and eastern hemispheres at the same time (see: Australia)


If its not the eastern but is the southern, then you are in South America :)


Or parts of Antarctica!


Why are "zuidelijk" and "oostelijk" not inflected here? I thought they were adjectives and therefore got inflected after the definite article


Some fixed phrases in Dutch lack inflection. An oddity, but just have to memorise them I guess.



I presume another example of this is the national football team, "het Nederlands Elftal"?


So technically speaking, it should be het oostelijke halfrond, right?

I'll memorize it... thanks


No, people use het oostelijk halfrond, not het oostelijke halfrond.


It's extemely possible to be in both.


This sounds strange to me. It seems like it's saying that you wouldn't expect for something out of the eastern hemisphere to be in the southern hemisphere. If someone had just said that it was in both the eastern and the southern hemisphere, and you wanted to correct the one and confirm the other, I would use "This is not the eastern hemisphere, but it is the southern one."

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