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  5. "I am coming in a while."

"I am coming in a while."

Translation:Jag kommer om en stund.

December 6, 2014



When would one use "i" instead of "om", regarding time? I thought "i" was used in temporal cases? Tack!!


When we talk about time, the prepositions are different between English and Swedish.

  • Jag kommer om en timme. (I will be there in an hour.)
  • Jag jobbade i en timme. (I worked for an hour).


I will never ever be able to remember that!


You'd be surprised what you remember with some repetition! and remember it's not about being perfect 100% of the time.


Ahh ok that makes a lot of sense! Tack!!


Why not jag kommer om ett ögonblick?


Because its "while" and not "moment"


Does 'moment' literally translate to 'eye blink'?


How can I tell the difference between stund and mellan?


en stund is a noun used about a certain amount of time. (Det tar en stund 'It takes a while') medan is a conjunction meaning basically that two things are happening at the same time: (Jag sjunger medan jag lagar mat 'I sing while I cook')
mellan is a preposition meaning between (Jag sitter mellan två systrar 'I am sitting between two sisters')


that was super helpful, you rule.


When did we learn "strax"?


It isn't taught in the course at all, it's only an accepted answer. It may be shown to you if you input something that the system thinks is similar.


How can we tell if "stund" means "while" or "moment"?


It means a while. It's longer than a moment. If you say Jag kommer om en stund, you're not saying that you'll come very soon (not as soon as 'in a moment'), rather that it will take a (little) while.


I was really confused on that for some reason and I'm not sure why...thanks for the help!


"Moment" would be "ögonblick"


How come the Duolingo translation I see when I rollover the words for "en stund" is "for a while" yet it is translated to "in a while" in the example.


om en stund means in a while, but en stund on its own only means a while. However there are some cases where we can use it without a preposition but you might prefer to have one in English. And there's also a bit of confusion about when to use awhile or a while, that may also be a reason for the hint. But I've added a multiple part hint for om en stund nu which I think will make it less confusing.


Is stund the same word used for hour? (I am German and ther Stunde = hour). Cause this sentence sounds like "I will come in an hour" to me? How can I tell if a Swedish person comes in an hour or a while?


I made the same mistake. As far as I can tell, it's a false friend.


It absolutely is. I always mix them up either.

Timme = hour
Stund = a while
Ögonblick = moment (wenigstens der passt ;-)


How about: jag kommer när som helst?

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