"Hon ritar en teckning."

Translation:She draws a drawing.

December 6, 2014

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"She draws a drawing" just doesn't have that ring to it.


Yeah, I'd rather say 'She's making a drawing.'


"She is drawing a drawing" is completely normal to say


Really? It's not exactly wrong, but it's certainly redundant and sounds a bit clumsy to me. I'd probably just say "She's drawing." Or "She's making a drawing." I can't imagine using the same word twice in a row like that.


"I made a drawing that is drawing a drawing."


In English, it would suggest that the speaker is being humorous. Under other circumstances, more likely to say she drew a sketch [of] or made a drawing . . .


"She draws a sketch" works for this (i.e., is counted as correct.)


Agreed. You just wouldn't say that in English.


So: Teckna vs rita / en teckning vs. en ritning? And what is en ristning? I vaguely remember bumping into that word, as well.


I'll guess I'll try to explain this to the best of my abilities :)

"Rita" = Draw. "Teckna" = Somewhat closer to "Sketch", drawing with a bit of skill. "Teckning" = Drawing. "Ritning" = Blueprint (because logic). "Ristning" = Something carved or scratched into a hard surface, a word often used for petroglyphs.


So "draw a sketch" wouldn't necessarily be wrong?


That's what I put...partly because "draw a drawing" sounds kind of weird and redundant.


Doesn't sound correct at all. Maybe it would be the same as "Hon målar en målning"


This sounds terrible as a native english speaker. "She's drawing" is enough. Or you would generally be specific as to what she's sketching/drawing and say "she's drawing an animal". To say someone is drawing a drawing is far too ambiguous in both parts, you'd just say drawing once or specify what is being drawn. The exception would be making it past/future tense instead of both sections being present. "she drew a drawing" or "she will draw a drawing".

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