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My 1st anniversary on Duolingo

Having spent a full year on this program, I am pleased to let you know that my dedicated Duolingo Inbox contains10,903 emails from the whole community. Cheers to all!

July 11, 2013



Happy Duolingoday, Sitesurf, aka the most helpful user in Duoland!


I am touched, thanks.

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Thanks a lot for your wonderful help Sitesurf! Bon anniversaire sur Duolingo :-)


Merci Rémy... par hasard, je suis devenue votre "bras armé" ici !


Thanks for all of your amazing contributions to Duolingo and the community. Happy 1st birthday on Duolingo!


Happy Anniversary Sitesurf, your help really makes a difference! I appreciate the time you take to give such clear and nuanced answers to our questions. It makes me think about my own language in a more critical way. I enjoy duolingo not only because it is helping me review my (very rusty) high school French, but also because I find the subtle differences in words and expressions to be fascinating, and your explanations always put those subtleties in context for me. Thank you so much!


Joyeux anniversaire!

(Et merci pour votre patience époustouflante!)


Thanks again for your époustouflant support.


Quel mot «époustouflant»! Je ne le connaissais pas avant.


Congratulations, and a big THANK YOU for all the useful comments, and the endless contributions in the discussions.


I have to repeat myself quite a lot, that is true, but although I use copy-paste tricks a lot, there are new questions once in a while, some very difficult to give a simple and relevant answer to, so it is always a challenge that I like a lot. Thank you.


Happy anniversary, you're really the most helpful user I've met here. Thanks for all the insightful comments and infinite patience!


Thank you for your trust!


You're an extraordinary person Sitesurf. Extraordinary in perceiving Duolingo as a way to help others with your native language. Extraordinary in the dedication, perseverance and attention to detail you have shown in your many replies to language questions. I personally have benefited many times from your comments, both already made and in direct reply to my own questions or comments.

Thank you very much and happy anniversary :)


Congrats Sitesurf, people like you make this site a great place!


Merci Séverin, I'm pleased to contribute to this great initiative.


How was your French before starting Duolingo? Has it helped you?


Yes, I am French and good at it (it is not merely sufficient to be born in France, believe me!). Duolingo helped me refresh my grammar, question my language reflexes, control my natural impatience (whatever Hohenems says...), improve my English (using in comments lots of words I had never learnt)... and polish my self-esteem (it is really good to feel useful).

@fraserbooks: I haven't got any magic recipe book or wand or potion for you to learn French faster and better, but I'll stay around and help whenever I can.


Just wondering...How do you decide which questions you are going to answer?


1) those that have not already been answered

2) those that have received a wrong, imperfect or incomplete answer

3) those I can comment with added value

4) difficult questions with a cultural implication or a particular grammar issue

5) + (nasty, I know) I don't answer to people who never say thank you.


Wow! You must have spent a great amount of time to look over all of the question and answer them! Thank you so much! I am really grateful that you are around and helping us to learn this wonderful language! You don't have to respond to this if you don't want to, but I am just a bit concerned that this could take away too much of your personal time. P.S. 5) Reminds me of a song: "please and thank they're the magic words..."


Indeed, I spend only 10% of my Duo time working for myself (lessons, immersion). So, you can see I am not so much motivated by points and such rewards, but by the mere pleasure of sharing what I know with whoever knows less. My personal time is free, I am not paid by anyone, except by the gratitude of learners like you who take the time to say thank you. Cheers!


(I think sitesurf is French). Thanks for the helpful comments on the French exercises. I hope you stay around until I get my owl but I wish that did not sound so Harry Potterish. Do we get newts next?


I've been barely present on here the past few days, so I'm afraid I am a few days late to the party, but I can't pass up the chance to give Sitesurf another thanks. You deserve all of the kind words in this thread, and as I have said before, I only hope that the other languages on Duolingo have contributors half as dedicated as yourself.

When I started on Duolingo, I never imagined that the discussion boards would be such a big part of the learning and overall enjoyment, but they certainly are, and your contributions immediately stood out as one of the reasons why that is the case. Your technical knowledge of French is invaluable and, as you say yourself, this doesn't just come from being French. I consider myself to have a good intuitive grasp of English, and I am even capable of discussing English grammar to some degree, but I am nowhere near the level you are clearly at with French. I can only imagine you are either a language academic or a very enthusiastic amateur. :)

Anyway, merci beaucoup Sitesurf!


Your own contributions have also clarified a number of things I did not know in English, so I can return a bunch of thanks to you! For your info, I am indeed an amateur of grammar, syntax, spelling, linguistics, conjugations, etc.

In the recent past, I gave English lessons to French adults, which made me realize that if you don't master the intricacies of your mother tongue, you can neither learn nor teach another language properly.

Hence my special tenderness for all French learners here on Duolingo, who are not English speakers, who are not even comfortable with English, yet who are brave enough to try and learn French. "Chapeau" to them all!


So French hat is equivalent to English hats off.


There are a number of fine contributors on this board but I have to say that your comments are always informative and authoritative. The once or twice that you have made small mistakes, you came back and corrected them. Whenever I am having some difficulty, I anxiously wait for you to arrive and straighten it out.

Duo would be a much smaller seeming place without your contributions.


Your own contributions are often challenging and I appreciate the way you always take the time to "compose" your comments, that are for those reasons, a great incentive for me. Thank you for your contributions to my English!


Happy Anniversary and thanks for all your helpful comments. :-)


Happy anniversary, Sitesurf! You're the best!


Merci mille fois !


A very nice moment with Maurane... thanks.


Thanks for a whole year of awesomeness! Please do keep it coming..learning french on Duo would feel empty without your much appreciated inputs.


Bon anniversaire, Sitesurf!


Your help is much appreciated. Bon anniversaire.


Happy anniversary, Sitesurf. You make a great program even greater. Thanks for all of your help.


Congrats! I look forward to even getting anywhere near your level.


That is nice to read...


Happy Anniversary Sitesurf. You help me all the time and I'm glad to have this moment to give you really big Thank You!!!!!!!

By the way your English is better than most of the people I talk to here in America.


You are very kind, that anniversary is even more enjoyable than my birthdays! I am flattered by your comment about my English, but I suspect that most English speakers are too kind with me and dare not much correct my mistakes...


I can honestly say I have never seen anything but superlative English from you. In fact you tend to be very succinct and concise with your responses which is a trait among the more wise and educated. A modus operandi that I'm sure has risen as much from your education as it is from your need to answer as many questions as you do. However if that rare instance arises where I can return even a scintilla of the help you've given me in French, in English, I'll be sure to try.


Well put, and that's a fine sentiment, RKSMT! I was actually thinking to myself that it would be good to "pay it forward" and help others improve their English! And since we're on a language learning site...should it be "modus operandum" for the singular? :) :) :)


Modus operandi, is the singular. Modi operandi is the plural. Modus Operandum is a common misconstruction of modus operandi.

Pay it foward!!!!


Awesome! Now I know :)


Only about four years late... :) If I hadn't trained myself to spot absolutely everything, I would regularly forget that you aren't a native speaker. I'm not convinced I don't make more mistakes than you do... And you can't claim I don't dare correct yours! ;)


Tout ce fil de discussion me semble tellement bizarre, après tout ce temps ! Mais te lire ici est une divine surprise ;-)


Parfois je découvre des fils anciens par accident. ;-) Je suis un peu en avance de toi à ce moment-là, j'ai 13,252 emails dans ma boîte de réception après un peu plus qu'une année... Mais je sens que t'as beaucoup plus que ça maintenant !


Je ne compte plus mes emails (@200 par jour et je les jette au fur et à mesure) mais je regarde le nombre de phrases que j'ai écrites ou modifiées sur les cours FR<->EN, celui de mes followers et aussi mon compteur de lingots.


good job!! the day of your anniversary was my fist day. bon jour!


Joyeux duolingoday Sitesurf ! Je viens de découvrir le site que récemment et je l'adore VRAIMENT.


Merci pour ce gentil message. Moi aussi, je l'adore !


Merci et bon anniversaire! Je viens de completer l'arbre francais et tes commentaires etaient toujours tres utile!


I hope that at one year I also have a "25" after my username.


Be brave! That day will come...


That's great I just started today hope I can do as good as you


Merci pour tout le secours ! Je vous aime ! :)


Moi aussi !

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Congratulations, Sitesurf. Without your thoughtful explanations, there would have been moments when I might have "thrown in the towel". However, with your guidance, today I completed the French skill tree and enjoyed the challenge. Merci beaucoup!


C'est une très bonne nouvelle ! Happy you did not "jeté l'éponge"!

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Merci beaucoup!



gracias duolingo


Félicitations, et remercie vous pour votre aide


Congratualations Sitesurf!


il faut fêter ! joyeux anniversaire, Sitesurf, le << superuser >> ! merci pour l'aide :)


Has DuoLingo vastly helped your language skills? I just started a few months ago and have already noticed a huge difference.


Happy anniversary, Sitesurf. Your clear and concise explanations have added enormously to my Duolingo experience.


bon anniversaire.et delsolee pour etre en retard a dire mes felicitacions. I hope, it's written correctly.


Happy anniversary! Thanks for everything--I've learned so much from you. :)


Welcome back! Long time no see!...


Thanks. I'll try to be better about sticking around--I missed you guys. <3


The Sitesurf love just keeps a-comin' :-)


Hi Sitesurf! I wasn't around 3 months ago to congratulate you, so better late then never! Congratulations and thanks for all your help! I see endless series of your comments and answers in my stream when I look into it and it amazes me how willing to help you are. Thank you.


Just came looking for a place to say thank you for all the time you've put into helping language learners like me.

I don't think many of us would make it through the advanced french levels without your patient explanations of so many small nuances in the discussions!

Many, many thanks!


Grateful posts like yours are a sweet reward, believe me!


happy anniversary sitesurf !! thanks so much for all your help :)


Happy Duolingoday, Sitesurf!




Thank you so much for your help! Only 10,903?


Thank you for all your informative answers, Sitesurf. Learning French is really hard for a person like me, educated by a considerably different language system, Chinese, that is, so I really appreciate your help. Duolingo itself is not yet a flawless education app, that is by someone like you who dedicated the time to type something priceless. You've made this app perfect and integrated. The last but not the least, thank you very much : ) I'll be seeing more of your comments, please let me say merci beaucoup beforehand !


Your English is so good that I am pretty sure you will soon be a very good French speaker/writer. Your open mindedness to other cultures is the key to your success in that matter. Wish you the best and "see" you soon with new questions/comments!


I would like to thank you for all the useful comments you created. I think I never thanked properly, because I thought of it as a bit of spam and clicked upvoting button instead. But since you created thread in here I can finally say it :)

I read a lot of your comments which were extremly useful. I am just a beginner, but already have spent some time with French and there were some things that were always misleading to me, but a lot of times I read question that someone already asked and your answer was not only right, but most of the time exceed the question with some additional knowledge that was very helpful afterwards.

And I need to say that you have a lot of patience... I have a friend and we are doing language exchange (Polish-German) and despite of his great progress and enthusiasm he is making some mistakes over and over or sometimes I get frustrated when I have a problem with explaining things (sometimes things are too obvious to me to explain them properly). You seem to be very patient and nice in every case :)

Keep it going! I would love to buy you a beer or glass of wine or whatever you drink there, to thank at least a bit.

Merci beaucoup!


I also never thanked you for answering my question(s) for the same reason. I thought the beginning lessons are already too flooded with useless comments and didn't want to add some more. That's why I "friended" you instead, so I can lurk your profile and see interesting things you have to say.

I truly love every single comment of yours, so much knowledge behind every one of them. You are an amazing teacher. I wish every language on Duolingo had a user like you.

Merci beaucoup, Sitesurf !


Reading your thanks made me feel you really are smiling at me here! Happy to be useful, c'est un plaisir pour moi !

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