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"My previous home was expensive and dirty."

Translation:Mit forrige hjem var dyrt og beskidt.

December 6, 2014



What's the difference between 'forrige' and 'tidligere'?


'forrige' is like previous and 'tidligere' is like earlier.

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Forrige seems to have the same root as the english 'former'...


Forrige is irregular adjective, correct? I mean, otherwise it would make sense to write 'mit forrigt hjem'?


An adjective takes it's "e-form" between a possessive pronoun and the noun, as it does with a definite article and a noun. For example:
"En stor bil" = "A big car", but...
"Den store bil" = "The big car"
"Min/Din/Vores/Sørens/Sofies store bil" = "My/Your/Our/Søren's/Sofie's big car"
But if the adjective isn't between them:
"Huset er stort" = "The house is big"
"Mit hus er stort" = "My house is big"

For the second 2 examples, it doesn't matter what the gender of the object is, or if it's plural or not, it will always take the "e-form". The first one and final 2 depend on the gender of the object ("Et stort hus"; "Bilen er stor"; "Min bil er stor")


Excellent answer, thank you so much!


These comments were much less fun than i anticipated.

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