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  5. "The meat is heavy."

"The meat is heavy."

Translation:Het vlees is zwaar.

December 6, 2014



I get so confused about this. I thought zware would have been used because of the het?


But because the adjective follows "is" (which is a linking verb) you use zwaar :) In this case zwaar is a predicate adjective, where as if it were "Het zware vlees - the heavy meat" it would be the attributive adjective as it would be directly attributing the noun. Check out: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/3888221 and scroll down to "Predicate Adjectives".


Thank you. I think one of the things that trips me up admittedly is quite simply terminology. As silly as it is to admit I am not 100% up on how to define things like nouns, adjectives, pronouns, infinite articles etc etc in English! So trying to understand and remember rules for them in another language is proving tricky, perhaps I need to take an English course first!


Oh man, I know what you mean. I started the Dutch course only remembering the basics like verb and noun. I've had to seriously brush up on the rest.


Why does duolingo doesnt explain when to use "e" or not in an adjetive. I thought it was about plural or singular but is not. Is not also about the gender. So is as simple as is you use het or de? Cause that means you need to memorize which words use het and which ones "de" since there is not a rule for this...


I always confused about " de " and " het "


What is wrong with my answer? I've used the same words: het vlees is zwaar!


Guys do you know what is the difference between using het and de?


In the end, you can only learn it by hart. Normally, I would say that it derives from the German where a similar article would indicate the neuter gender, but it is said that Dutch only has male and female as explicit genders, while the usage of “het” aligns with the German translation that uses the neuter “Das” for the same noun, though. Thus, all I can advise you to is to learn all the “het nouns” by heart from the very beginning.

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