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  5. "What do you think of her?"

"What do you think of her?"

Translation:Vad anser du om henne?

December 6, 2014



can i use tänker instead of tycker?


"tycka" for opinions. The meaning of this sentence is : What is your opinion about her?

"tänka" for reflections, thoughts. Or intention of doing sth. "Vad tänker du på?"="What are you thinking about?" ; "Jag tänker på dig" = "I think of you"

"tro" = for "believes" ; "jag tror" = " I think (but I am not sure) "


Then what does anser mean?


anse means to think as in having an opinion of something. So it's very close to tycker, if not synonymous. Definitely more formal, though - you're not likely to hear it in speech.


Vad tycker du om henne?

It looks like, for me, that the translation could also be "What (things) do you like on her?" (things in the meaning of character). If I'm wrong, how should this be?


That could be for instance Vad tycker du om hos henne? I'd say 'What do you like about her?' in English.


Ahh, jag ser det! Tack så mycket :D


I wrote "Vad tänker du på henne?", which was wrong, and was given the suggestion "Vad tänker du om henne" as correct. What is the difference in meaning here between "tänker på" and "tänker om"?


tänka på is 'think about' as in 'having something on one's mind'. So you can't combine it with the question word what.
tänka om is 'think about' as in 'having thoughts about', 'think [something] about', and in this case, the thoughts have a content, so you can ask what you think.


I am not sure I quite understand the distinction, but let me repeat back what I think I heard. tänker på ~ think of : is more about the act of thinking (about something) tänker om ~ think about: is more focused on the contents of the thoughts (about something).

Is that correct?


It is a bit hard to express, but I'm sure you've got it right. It's only the thoughts that can have contents, the act of thinking itself can't.


Is there a different meaning between "anser" and "tycker" in this sentence?


anse is "think" in the sense of "consider" or "regard", so it can be a bit more serious or formal. But there isn't really a difference in actual meaning, just in possible connotation.


Could somone give me the direct translation for: "Vad anser ni om henne." The 'ni' threw me off.


That's also What do you think of her? – ni is just plural 'you'. (Also used by some as a 'polite' pronoun but most people don't use it that way and some people are even offended by that usage)


Is "Vad göra tycker du av henne" a good translation here? It was wrong, just wondering


Afraid that's completely wrong. Swedish doesn't have the do-construction that English does, and av is the wrong preposition. It sounds a bit like "What makes think you of her" would in English.

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