I am Italian and I just started learning some of it!!

I am Italian as you probably heard! It was one of my dreams to learn italian so now I finally get to!!!!!!!!!

December 6, 2014


I'm also of Italian heritage, and my dad has been pushing me to learn Italian since I was 10; however, I really didn't make much progress until I started DL. I want to be able to talk with my family that's still in Italy

December 7, 2014

Umm dove I gave you two lingots, i'll give you more when I have some.Those were the only two lingots,it's because i had a i thought that it would be nice to give lingots to my fans like you,so i'll study more and more, so I can earn lingots to give away to all my fans and friends!

thank you sooooo very much but I think you should keep them I can't take lingots from anyone I just want to be one of your good friends!! But thanks anyway!!(By the way, you don't have to give me any more lingots you earned them you keep them!! And I'm not trying to be mean trust me!! <3 But that is very sweet!!!!!!!! ^.^

You're not the only one! I do find it a bit disturbing that I get more recording errors in Italian than in other languages, but maybe it is (a) that we don't articulate well in our own language and (b) my Roman dialect! ;-)

How cool that you get to pick up your heritage language here! I've done German, Spanish and am now doing Italian. Italian is by far the most...messed up on here! The German was actually pretty clear, the Spanish less so, but not too bad, but the Italian - ay, ay, ay! I am glad I didn't know this ahead of time or I wouldn't have started it. Occasionally I want to quit, but I'm not one to quit things very easily. And there are also more errors with the sentences as well. :( But I try to make it a lil better by taking sound breaks and trying to enjoy it despite the drawbacks. I can see that I am learning it though, so I'm trying to hold on. Good luck! :)

I hope this summer i can speak Italian with the family of my Italian boyfriend. :)Buona Fortuna a tutti!

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