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"Jeg har en appelsin min tallerken."

Translation:I have an orange on my plate.

December 6, 2014



The definition of har and på confused me saying "har ... på" is "to wear." I was wondering how you wear an orange my plate..


I guess the idea is that it directly translates to "have on" so you can have a pair of pants on, but you can also have an orange on your plate.


Right--I'm not sure why they didn't include "have...on" as one of the translated definitions for "har...på". It's natural in English to say "I have a jacket on", too. Maybe they don't care for the terminal preposition structure.


You're not the only one who thought this.


I think you are looking at it wrong. Although it confused me at first since you are right in saying har ... på is to wear, i believe it uses the har as i have and the pa and on. Still don't know how to tell the difference


Mmmm jeg elsker appelsiner : )


for a second I though it was I have an orange on my nose!


How can it be "på" and not "om" for "on" here??


Why would they use "har..pa" if it's an orange and a plate instead of clothing

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