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"Jeg har en appelsin min tallerken."

Translation:I have an orange on my plate.

December 6, 2014



The definition of har and på confused me saying "har ... på" is "to wear." I was wondering how you wear an orange my plate..


I guess the idea is that it directly translates to "have on" so you can have a pair of pants on, but you can also have an orange on your plate.


Right--I'm not sure why they didn't include "have...on" as one of the translated definitions for "har...på". It's natural in English to say "I have a jacket on", too. Maybe they don't care for the terminal preposition structure.


You're not the only one who thought this.


I think you are looking at it wrong. Although it confused me at first since you are right in saying har ... på is to wear, i believe it uses the har as i have and the pa and on. Still don't know how to tell the difference


How can it be "på" and not "om" for "on" here??


Why would they use "har..pa" if it's an orange and a plate instead of clothing


Mmmm jeg elsker appelsiner : )


for a second I though it was I have an orange on my nose!

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