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  5. "Tá aimsir the againn inniu."

" aimsir the againn inniu."

Translation:We have hot weather today.

December 6, 2014



Is "the" lenited for describing a feminine noun?

[deactivated user]


    Inniu sounds like inniumh in this recording


    It's a common enough pronunciation of inniu.

    While the examples at teanglann have the Munster speaker using that pronunciation, it is not restricted to Munster.


    Wait, ‘we have hot weather today’ is English?


    To this US English speaker, it sounds fine, if slightly uncommon.


    Does inniu sound like "in yuv" or is it just me


    That is the normal pronunciation in some dialects.

    This speaker uses this pronunciation in some exercises (Ní shéideann an ghaoth inniu, Dáta an lae inniu) but a different pronunciation in some other exercises. As you will encounter a variety of different pronunciations of inniu in real life, it is useful to be aware that this is a perfectly valid pronunciation.


    What's going on with the answers? I get a bleep and a red notice (which usually indicates an incorrect answer) but " Excellent job" or some sort of rely ( which indicates a correct answer) Now I'm confused.


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