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Diference between "You an I" and "You and me"

This could be a little confusing for beginners:

Lets see, the main diference is that "You and I" is used as a subject and "You and me" is used as an object. "You and I" can be replaced by "We" and "You and me" can be replaced by "Us". Example:

  • You and I invite them to the party.
  • We invite them to the party.

  • They invite you and me to the party.

  • They invite us to the party.

Easy, right?

I hope this helps you. Ĝis la revido!

October 22, 2012

2 comentarios


I'm no beginner, and I didn't know this. This observation is helpful, although I doubt I will remember it if I ever use it, someday. Thanks anyway.

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