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Youtube or other audio with conjugations

I am studying 7 verb conjugations, and I am looking for audio of video of someone speaking the verbs.

If you could point me to an earlier thread in this forum, I'd be grateful! I'm looking for something along these lines:

bare bones verbal information (or verbal plus screen information) for -ar and -er/-ir verbs and possibly (but not necessarily) irregular verbs

to include

infinitive + simple meaning

present tense preterite imperfect

subjunctive past subjunctive

future conditional

Thanks much for this forum!

3 years ago


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That's a big list of things you're looking for information about. I'm not sure if there's a previous thread you've got in mind (and are trying to relocate), or if you're looking for new video suggestions. But either way, one of our community members on this site, Resonance2001 has created a series of videos on Youtube going over many (if not all) of these tenses. Here's a link to the first video in the series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeqQuJsFJhk

It's a lot of content (~an hour), but you should find it helpful in getting a feel for the different tenses, their conjugations, pronunciations, and some examples of irregular patterns.

Another site you might find useful is forvo.com. It's an easily-searchable repository of recordings of native speakers pronouncing single words in lots of languages.

3 years ago


Thanks for sharing the link by Resonance2001! I watched his first video and love his speaking style and little tricks for recall, as well as his direct presentation. I was looking for something more rote, but I will definitely listen to his entire hour on an upcoming solo drive drip.

One of the things I've read about mastering conjugations is to listen to the differences, as between tenses and moods. So, I was hoping for something that's built in such a way as to verbalizing the regulars and then the stem changers, so I can hear them pronounced in context.

hablar (to speak)

Present indicative (now) hablo hablas habla hablamos hablan

Preterite (definite past) hable hablaste hablo'

Imperfect (undefined past) hablaba hablabas hablaba habla'bamos hablaban


I found a google app that allows one to practice but it requires non-apple and non-Amazon products (which is what I have):


3 years ago


Wow thank you! I shall continue making them! Well, I have some Italian ones I wish to do first... Very kind comments.

3 years ago


Terrific! I think the one I'm asking for is just not done ... :)

3 years ago