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"Peeking" should reduce the word strength of that word

That way 1.) we have a reason not to peek and 2.) we get more practice with the words that need more work.

July 11, 2013



I believe peeks are taken into account in the backend calculations. We may not always see everything that they do back there, but know they were used to calculate expected WebCAPE scores in the research they did.


I like peeking because sometimes I haven't seen the words or phrase yet. I use it as teaching tool and review.


I agree. It is always discerning to see words at full strength that I know that I cannot translate without peeking. It would be nice if it reduced the word strength so I can remember that I need to study those words more.


Very true, too many words that i don't know at all are at full strength. If peeking is already taken into account, they should probably rework those calculations.


I often peek to get the correct English spelling of words. I am one of those spelling challenged people. For instance the Spanish word "coronel" , I have a heck of a time spelling in English. I know the translation, just have trouble spelling it.


If you can get the word spelled close enough, duolingo will accept it and tell you that the word is misspelled. I make mistakes frequently when I type fast and it doesn't usually mark it as wrong.


Agreed - good idea!

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