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  5. "It is Wednesday today."

"It is Wednesday today."

Translation:Det är onsdag i dag.

December 6, 2014



det är onsdag mina dudes


It is Wednesday, my dudes.


det är onsdag mina grabbar


i translated :" I dag ar onsdag" and it was declared wrong because it should have been" i dag ar det onsdag". Why is "det" necessary?


In Swedish, it needs to be "today, it is Wednesday = i dag är det onsdag" which is just a reordered version of "it is Wednesday today = det är onsdag i dag".

"today is Wednesday = i dag är onsdag" is not accepted because there is no subject in the Swedish sentence. In English, the word 'today' can be a time expression, an adverb meaning "during the 24 hours between yesterday and tomorrow"; and it can also be a noun meaning "the day that includes the current moment". Because of this, you can use it as a subject of a sentence "today is beautiful" or as an adverb "today we met again". In Swedish you can only use it as an adverb, it isn't a noun.

Same applies to 'i morgon', 'i kväll', 'i natt', and the like


Tack ! Mycket tydlig förklaring och bra exempel!


I may be wrong but "i dag är onsdag" means "today is wednesday" but it should have been "det är onsday i dag" meaning "it is wednesday today"


Why "det finns" instead of "det är" cannot be used here?


I am not a native speaker, so someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that "Det finns" means "There is/There are" (like "Es gibt" in German), whereas "Det är" means "It is" ("Es ist" in German).


Det finns means it exists, so it cannot be used here.


Det är onsdag my dudes

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