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New system = bad system

This is the story of a child with interests in Italian, This child was so good in his daily streak that he achieved 13 exp for each lesson he did. But... Suddenly the rewarding system changed and now this poor child doesn't get 1 lingot for a perfect good lesson, no no... In return he got a new system, when he makes a mistake he goes a step back and if he does it perfectly he isn't rewarded anymore. The motivation of this child has dropped. So I wonder if I'm the only one who got this system, because someone I know (who didn't achieve 13 exp for each lesson) he still got the old system with 3 hearts... And I liked that system more... So please Duolingo, can you give me the old system back, because I'm not liking this new method. Is it because I was getting too many lingots? Greetings the poor kid who lost his motivation.

December 6, 2014



Collecting a lingo for completing a perfect lesson was something I looked forward to. I like the sliding scale but not the no reward. It makes it much harder to collect Lingos now, so I simply am not spending them like I use to.



It's good that you give feedback. It's possible for Duo to implement the new system, but add in a reward for perfect completion.


Our friends and family think that collecting lingots was fun and a positive way of regularly reaching for a higher goal.


Yes adding a reward would help, or letting the 'student' decide if he wants the old or new system. It would be great if they add that to options.


Personally I don't like the new system. You're right, the motivation to be excellent is gone. How is one supposed to get lingots quickly now? Is it only through painstaking leveling or double or nothings? Not that the heart system was amazing but there definitely needs to be a reward for completing a section perfectly.

Also what happened to the xp bars, to see how close to leveling you were?


I'm also finding it harder to earn lingots now the heart system has stopped which means getting enough to do a test is pretty hard! It's given me less incentive to go back and do each section on its own! Can this be changed back? The phone app still has hearts, just not on my computer.


I really dislike the new system. I was okay with it at first, but when practicing old skills I hate the way the lesson becomes longer if I make a mistake! I usually have a limited amount of time to spend on DL and I need the lesson to be over after a fixed number of questions, even if I am rewarded less!


This is a problem, but remember, this is only a test. If a lot of people don't like the new system, Duolingo will put the old one back up.


I personally like the new scale. It gives me more freedom to learn from wrong answers without having to go back and start all over again.

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