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"Hun har endnu ikke fortalt mig sit specielle navn."

Translation:She has not yet told me her special name.

December 6, 2014



I put "She has still not told me her special name", but marked wrong. My feeling as a native UK English speaker is that both English sentences mean exactly the same - the "not yet done smth" is a bit posh sounding/bookish - not something you would normally hear in everyday speech. However, I acknowledge that if you change the word order, that does sound more usual - She has not told me her name yet".


Adding "yet", whether within or concluding the sentence, gives additional information that the speaker is expecting to be told in the future, it just hasn't happened YET. Without that, the implication is that it hasn't happened and there isn't necessarily an expectation that things will change.


I would say there is some of that future expectation in "still", though


Could someone please explain, why "even" is not accepted as a translation for "endnu" in this sentence?


"endnu" is usually used with time, e.g. "It has not happened yet"/"Det er ikke sket endnu". If you used "even" in this sentence, "She has not even told me her special name", you would say "Hun har ikke engang fortalt mig sit specielle navn" in Danish.


"She is yet to tell me..." accepteres ikke. Hvorfor?


also "she has not told me yet her name" should be accepted


No because that wouldn't make sense in English. You could say "She has not told me her name yet".

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