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Is there anyway to turn off the daily goal?

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I realize that this is a petty thing but the daily goal thing that now pops up on the app is annoying to me. Every time I see it I have a little dialog with it that goes like this:

Duolingo: "10xp from meeting your daily goal!"

Me: "It is not my goal. I haven't set a goal for 10xp. You set a goal of 10xp. I am studying Spanish because I want to learn Spanish. I don't care anything about xp. If you want to get 10xp, please, be my guest. If I want xp I'll go play Dungeons and Dragons."

As I said I realize that it is a small thing but it is actually interfering with my using Duolingo. I find I am using it far less since the feature was added.

So is there anyway to turn it off.

Thanks for listening to my rant. Michael

3 years ago

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You can turn it down to 1 point. Then it's basically the equivalent of "just do something every day, doesn't matter how much."

3 years ago