"Ett äpple"

Translation:An apple

December 7, 2014

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Just so it helps :) There are two groups of nouns : which go with EN ( general gender. Yeah, boy and girl is general gender) and with ETT (neutral gender. "A child" for example). 3/4 of words are mosty En words. But you better learn articles, but it can also help: 1. Most of nouns meaning humans and animals have EN article. (Flicka, Man, Hund, Katt) EXCEPT Ett barn (child) , Ett lejon (lion) 2. Most of nouns meaning days of the week, months, seasons and celebrations go with EN article. (Måndag -Monday, jul - Christmas, höst - autumn) 3. most of nouns ending with -ad, -are, -dom, -else, -het, -ing, -ion, -ism, -lek go with EN (En lärARE - teacher, en statION - station. etc.) 4. Most of nouns ending with -ek, -em, -iv, -um belongs to ETT article (Ett museUM, ett systEM) 5. Names of cities, towns, counties, continents go with ETT (Ett Stockholm, ett Europa - Europe)


Tack så mycket. Thanks a lot :)


Do I understand correctly that in Swedish the undefined articles (a, an) do also express gender, not only defined ones?


Yes, that's right.


Why is there 'Ett'. is that because of sound (like 'an' in English) or because feminine/masculine/neutral or other reason? Thanks


I read on Wikipedia Swedish grammar that The indefinite article, which is only used in the singular, is "en" for common nouns, and "ett" for neuter nouns, e.g. en flaska (a bottle), ett brev (a letter). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swedish_grammar#Articles_and_definite_forms


how do you tell if a word is common gender or nuter?


I think you probably just have to memorize it, really.


So it's like masc/fem in Romance languages?


Pretty much. I think there are (for Danish, at least) certain rules of thumb (like e.g. in French words that end in 'e' are mostly feminine) but they're long, and I'm pretty sure not all words follow them, so you'd just be better off remembering the article along with the word itself while learning it.


Why wouldn't En äpple work here ?


Because nouns have one of two different genders, and they must agree with the indefinite article. Äpple is a neuter noun, so it has to use "ett", while common nouns take "en". There isn't really a way to know which gender a noun has, you just have to remember them! :-)


What if I use the wrong article for a noun when speaking to someone? Will they understand me or not?


It just sounds broken, but it rarely leads to serious misunderstandings.


is there's any difference between the single dotted "a" letter and the double dotted one ?

[deactivated user]

    You mean å and ä? It's like asking a question is there sny difference between y snd x... it's a completely different letter.


    I keep hearing people say "tack så mycket"... What does it means exactly? Is it "Thank you" in Swedish??


    It's thanks a lot or thank you very much


    no it means thank u very much


    Are there any lists that categories words into common and neuter gender??


    There are some tendencies, but they aren't all that helpful. Read about them here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/6329293
    Most helpful is probably the fact that 75-80% are en gender words.


    How do you pronounce äpple?


    So I checked out your link and one version emphasizes the a while the other the e. Which one is right?


    The stress is on ä in äpple. That's how I hear it in both versions on Forvo too btw. They do have different ä sounds, this sound varies a bit in different dialects.


    I hear three stressed syllables: Ett ÄpplE


    The word "äpple" does have two syllables kind of like [äp pleh], but the stress is on the first syllable.


    So I'm doing this on my phone (an android) and I can't do accents any one got any ideas?


    Hold down the letter on your keyboard. Options should pop up.


    You can add a svenska keyboard under settings


    How "Ä" in Äpple is actually read?


    Something like the e in English "pep".


    Wish they explained this stuff earlier on


    they do, but not very well, in the tips section.

    I just still cant even understand what's neuter and what's common


    Please try my explanation for beginners in here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26420394

    If that doesn't help, do get back and we'll see what we can do. :)


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    Take a screenshot for your bug report.

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