What about mini-games?

Hey! I was thinking mini-games between users could be awesome! Some ideas could be: - Word Search - Hangman - Scrabble-like (that's a bit more complex). And with this, as I read in some posts, adding personal messaging could be really useful. I think all these features would add one more gamification layer to the whole Duolingo experience and enhance it. Cheers!

July 11, 2013


I was trying to learn Chinese with a different app and unfortunately it only had mini-games but they were fun! I think that Duolingo should include mini-games but not between different people since that would be a little more difficult for Duolingo. My idea is that under the Lesson Practice or just Practice it would have games like the crossward puzzles, picture games (using nouns mainly, find the matching picture in the least amount of time), etc.

These are my ideas so they probably aren't that good but still it would be nice to have mini-games for practice sessions.

July 12, 2013

Yeah that's exactly what I'm thinking, but I guess this post went unnoticed :(

July 12, 2013

Well it's only been up for two days, it oughta be noticed sometime, it's a really good idea!

July 13, 2013
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